LeagueApps’ Top 7 Plays of 2017

By LeagueApps
December 20, 2017
2 min

Are you using all 7 Top Plays of 2017?

Sports businesses and their technology needs are always evolving. New ideas come up every day, your competition keeps growing and expectations from parents and players have never been higher. This is why it’s important to have a technology partner that grows with you.

Here at LeagueApps headquarters, we spend our days working with club and program admins, across many different levels, sports, and regions. Our team is also comprised of many former and current sport organizers and athletes. This dynamic combination gives us a deep understanding of the ever-changing sports industry landscape and the pain points that come along with it. 

We’re always improving

The LeagueApps you use today is different than the one you logged into at the beginning of 2017. This past year, 15 software updates were made available to users (that’s more than one per month!), adding hundreds of new features and optimizations. Each year we strive to make an impact on local sport communities and truly improve how sports are organized and managed.

We invest in the best technology and build innovative features that help eliminate pain points for registration, payment collection, website design, scheduling, eCommerce, communication, and a lot more. Sign-up below to get a guide on the Top 7 Plays of 2017 directly in your inbox!

Trust the Process

We work hard to take ideas from the sideline and bring them to life. About every three weeks our software is updated with new features that have taken months to plan, build and test to make sure they work the way you need them to.

So how did we decide what to add to LeagueApps in 2017?

Well, every day we record feedback from hundreds of administrators. We’re on the phones, sending countless email, live-chatting with partners in real-time, and meeting face-to-face at facilities, conferences, and games. Our entire team plays a role in the feedback process and advocates for new features that will bring more value to our partners.

Top 7 Plays of 2017

This was LeagueApps’ biggest year yet! We reflected on every new feature, design, and setting that was added to LeagueApps in 2017 and compiled a list of our favorite seven!

We’ll be announcing the Top 7 Plays of 2017 in a special year-end guide. In this guide, you’ll receive a break down of each feature, including why it’s valuable and how to implement the feature on your site. Using the Top 7 can help maximize efficiencies so you can scale and grow your programs in 2018. 

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