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The LeagueApps Service Experience: What To Expect When You Partner With LeagueApps

By Melissa Wickes
October 11, 2022
3 min

Providing a great product is only part of the value we provide to our partners. We recognize that providing great service is as important as the product itself. But service can mean different things to different companies. To LeagueApps, great service is defined by providing value to our partners at every interaction point.

Whatever your goals may be, it is our job to show you the path and help you reach them. Your success is our success!  The LeagueApps mission has always been to build a great digital platform that helps organizers create great sports organizations. Our belief is that this is the best way we can have an impact on local sports organizations and their communities. It’s our goal to ensure a long-term partnership with every single one of our partners.

This is why we have a launch service and a Launch Team dedicated to onboarding, configuring, and training each new partner on how to best utilize LeagueApps to fit their needs. It’s our job to make sure our partners setup their LeagueApps website properly from the start and that we train them to get the most value from their solution.

It’s simple. We want you to think of the LeagueApps team as a teammate for your organization. We know that is a high standard. We realize we need to earn that position on your team and we’re up for that challenge.

Once our partners have completed the launch process, our Customer Success team ensures that they have the resources needed to thrive and succeed as an active LeagueApps partner. These services are available to all of our partners once they have have begun to use LeagueApps to run their day-to-day operations.

  1. LeagueApps Help Site

  2. Support

    • Submit a support request here—available 9am-6pm EST, Monday-Friday.

  3. Live Chat

  4. Webinars and Events:

  5. Community Forums:

    • Access to any forums or public user groups dedicated to LeagueApps partner base. (Ask us if you’d like to be included in a user group.)

Additionally, we want to share HOW our team strives to embody Service every day in the interactions we have with our partners. We’ve created a handy acronym that helps our team remember our core values for service (hint: it spells RESPECT!).


  • Meet our partners’ expectations and respond promptly, even if we may not always know the answer right away.

  • We’ve practiced being responsive by aiming to maintain a 12-hour response time in our Email Support.


  • Treat our partners with the respect of a partner (there’s a reason we refer to them as partners, not customers!).

  • Be understanding – show our partners that we feel their pain and understand their struggles! Many of our staff members have been involved in organizing sports too, so this part comes natural to some of us!

Show Value

  • Ensure partners are getting the most value out of the platform tools.

  • Provide value during every interaction point. This includes sharing best practices, tips & tricks, and helping partners utilize new features.

Patient / Proactive

  • Patient: coaching and training on software requires patience. Some partners are quicker to learn and adopt than others. We need to help train our partners at their own pace.

  • Proactive: we strive to check-in proactively before key registration periods, or before we rollout new features. Coaching Sessions are one way we try to empower our partners to schedule sessions when it is most convenient for them.


  • Set an expectation that we can deliver from the very first interactions we have with a partner.

  • We try to make sure the partner understands what we are/aren’t capable of providing from a product and service standpoint.

  • Sometimes the best answer is NO; NO allows our partners to go down the best available path.


  • Communicating clearly and over-communicating when it’s necessary.

  • We recognize that partners like to communicate and learn differently; This is why we’ve invested heavily in multiple Help channels.


  • Transparency can help develop trust and respect in a partnership.

  • Taking the time to explain WHY (or why not) is helpful and allows our partners to better understand our process.

We try to walk the walk when it comes to great service. Here is what some of our awesome partners have said about us:

“I love talking to the guys over at LeagueApps because they are truly passionate about sports and helping me run my program.”- Drew Peters, East End Elite

“If you want a website that will grow with your club, and a company who’s primary goal is to help you achieve your goals, LeagueApps is the way to go.” – Chris Bokis, Spencer Basketball Club

“We have been using LeagueApps with our volleyball club for a few months now and couldn’t be happier. Its so easy to use and manage. When we are transitioning to something new, their staff is always available and helpful while walking us through the set up.” – Karen Wright, Victory Volleyball Club

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