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Meet LeagueApps Play—The Mobile App Built for Coaches

By Melissa Wickes
July 21, 2022
3 min

Seamless, easily navigable, and up-to-date technology is a non-negotiable for leaders in youth sports today. What’s the point if you can’t access it all in the palm of your hand?

We just released LeagueApps Play, our newest mobile app update. It is designed with youth sports leaders in mind to make the lives of organizers, coaches, parents, and players easier—both on and off the field.

When you use our comprehensive suite of youth sports solutions, you’ll have access LeagueApps Play, the only app in youth sports management built for you first.

Here are some of the improvements now available with this latest update:

  • Improved design and navigation so it’s easier to see the most important information at the right time—like clearly viewing schedules when you’re on-the-go
  • Coach notes—where staff can craft high-priority messages that will be sent as emails and push notifications and displayed as alerts (so no one misses them!)
  • Custom locations for events can be created on the fly
  • Input scores after the games directly in the mobile app

This is how the app will make your coaches’ lives easier and help you accomplish more for your organization in less time.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Your phone is likely the first place you go to check your calendar and messages and to stay up-to-date on your very busy life. Now, you can do the same with your youth sports organization. View and edit schedules, event details, locations, and RSVPs all from your mobile device—and give your coaches, players, and parents the ability to do the same. No clipboards needed.

Coach Logistics

Coaches juggle a lot—from managing teams, locations, and scores to actually running practice and engaging with players. That’s why we’re making coaches’ lives easier by giving them the autonomy to do all of this—plus manage rosters, take attendance, and more—on-the-go straight from their mobile device. 

Data Privacy Protection

Our mobile apps were built to deliver the best experience possible, not to make money off of your members by selling their data. In today’s world, data privacy is a top priority for you so we’ve made it our top priority when designing our newest mobile app. The LeagueAppsPlay app is totally free for players, parents, staff, and coaches to download—and ad-free too, meaning we’ll never spam them with ads and we won’t sell their data. Other youth sports mobile apps like TeamSnap and SportsEngine serve customers with in-app ads—something else we’ll never do.

Fully Integrated Youth Sports App

Leaders in youth sports use LeagueApps to power their registration, payments, messaging, scheduling, and reporting to run clubs, tournaments, camps, and leagues seamlessly. LeagueApps Play allows you to do all of that plus more from your mobile device.

Save time and effort managing your club with instant updates between your LeagueApps Management Console and mobile app. Your mobile app will automatically sync team rosters from registration, so double-entry is unnecessary. Your members can log into the mobile app using the same credentials they use to access their LeagueApps Member Portal—one less account to manage and one less password to remember!

If your members have children in multiple programs powered by LeagueApps, they can use the app to manage all of those programs—saving them time by eliminating the need to reference multiple different apps. One app for every program. Nice.

Branded to Your Organization

Want to stand out? Our branded mobile apps offer the same functionality as LeagueApps Play, all packaged with your organization’s colors, logos, and branding. Our Design Team will create your mobile app using your organization’s logo, colors, and branding—boosting brand awareness. Your app will be available in both the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android), where parents, players, and coaches can download it for free to have it front and center on their mobile phones—with your logo as the icon!

Run Your Programs More Effectively with LeagueApps Play

LeagueApps Play allows you to manage your clubs, leagues, camps, and tournaments all on a single integrated platform. This will allow you to grow your program participation, scale your organization, and drive more revenue. 

If you’re a LeagueApps user and want to add Play to your playbook, get started with this toolkit here

If you’re not a LeagueApps user, you can learn more about LeagueApps and Play here.