LeagueApps New Website Design Tools

By LeagueApps
February 20, 2012
3 min

We all want to have a website that looks good. In many of our conversations, sports organizers have expressed a desire to use LeagueApps to create a professional and super-fly custom website design that is representative of the league’s brand and theme. In fact, we recently published a post on different ways to pimp out your LeagueApps homepage design.

LINspired by the possibilities, the LeagueApps team decided to take our design tools to the next level. These new features will enable any account admin to develop a custom, professional website design within minutes!

Homepage Themes

A website homepage is often the first experience a potential customer or member has with your organization. So it should be amazing. LeagueApps has added three different homepage templates styles that can be integrated with a click of a button. The multi-column template layouts include modules for photos, registration buttons, and social media icons. Below are examples of the three different layouts.

Theme Editor – Color Schemes

With over a dozen different color options within the theme editor, it’s conceivable your site will clash worse than the 2011 Boston Red Sox clubhouse. To ensure it stays sharp, we’ve added a bunch of different base color schemes with ridiculous names from Blue Steel to Lemon Lime. Even once a color scheme is selected, it can still be tweaked with the custom color fields. Share your ideas on additional color schemes with us and we might just add it to our default list.

Theme Editor – Images

The “images” tab of the theme editor is now easier to use to add header images, logos or page backgrounds. Quickly and easily upload your league images and they will be properly formatted within your website.

Them Editor – Page Backgrounds

An image background is one of the best ways to bring your website to life. Many of our current partners use sports-themed backgrounds on their current website. We’ve added a help document with optimized background images that will look slick as backgrounds for LeagueApps websites. Check them out here and follow the easy instructions to add them to your website.

Custom Designers

If you have budget and are looking to hire a designer to invest in an even more customized design, we can help match you with independent web designers who are familiar with the LeagueApps platform and that we have worked with in the past. Let us know if this is an option you would like to explore.

These design tools should take your website to the next level. Now everyone will see that your league is hot on the inside (back-end admin tools) AND the outside (front-end website design)! And that’s what really matters!