LeagueApps Is Mobile-First. Here’s Why.

By Javier Rios
October 15, 2014
3 min

Mobile is not the future of the web, it’s the present. We’ve listened to the feedback from our partners, checked our data, learned from our existing products and have worked very hard to build out our new mobile product. We’re rolling out our new mobile solutions in a phased approach. The first phase, which will go live next week, will allow your members to discover and register for programs seamlessly—on any device, at anytime.

Phase two will include everything else that your members can do on the desktop site, with the main features being roster & team management as well as schedule, results and announcements. We also plan to develop a fully mobile-optimized version of the admin console. All of these projects are top priorties and main components of our product roadmap in the next 6 months.

To get a sneak peek of this, check out our mobile gallery, or visit on a mobile device.

That’s right; mobile registration is coming next week! Your members will be able find programs, complete the entire registration process and submit payment — all easily from their mobile phone now (as well as any tablet or computer like before). Here are some of the highlights:

Let members register and pay from any device

In addition to LeagueApps powering your program listings and registration website (and widgets), your members will now enjoy a completely built-in mobile registration and programs discovery feature. These allow your members to easily browse programs, register, submit payment, and manage their account from their phone.

These features were built with modern technologies such as HTML5 so that your website looks fantastic, loads quickly, and is compatible with iPhone, Android and other smartphones.

  • Complete mobile registration and payment collection feature.
  • New mobile optimized website homepage
  • Includes the same features and program details as your full desktop website.
  • Secure SSL-encrypted payment checkout.

Customize your mobile theme for your brand

When your members visit your LeagueApps-powered site on their phone, the layout automatically changes to use a specially-designed mobile theme that you can control. This mobile theme ensures that things look great and fit nicely on smaller screens of mobile phones.

You can customize your mobile theme colors and logo, and homepage content using new tools included in the manager console (described here).

Rollout Plans & What you need to know

We have already released and tested this product to a handful of early release beta partners. We’ve seen great results and a smooth transition during this early release period. For example, more members are completing their registrations during the same session. We’re excited to open this up to all partners.

As this new feature rolls out, everything will work automatically and your members will immediately experience the benefits. Your mobile homepage, program listings and registration pages will be automatically mobile optimized as described.

You will also be able to customize your mobile theme colors as well as your mobile homepage.

Here is a FAQ to answer some of the most important questions regarding the mobile product release included here.

Why mobile? Because it’s how people get things done

While mobile is here now, we also believe that mobile is the future in terms of how people use and interact with digital tools, products and services. People want websites and services THEIR way — that means allowing them to use their phones easily. This is a necessary component in ensuring a better, more enjoyable experience for your members.

At LeagueApps, we have already seen…
– User visits on LeagueApps sites surpass 35% (September 2014 on mobile devices
– we’ve seen 25-30% of successful registrations by members taking place through mobile devices.
– 40% of LeagueApps emails opened on mobile devices

People are making the choice on their own to use their phones. We view it as our job to make sure they can do this easily and with a great experience.

This is why we are taking a “mobile-first” philosophy and why we have decided to continue an ongoing focus to build out more and more features on, and for mobile. This is only the beginning! We’ll continue to roll out new mobile features going forward; and these will be for both your members as well as for you and your admins.