LeagueApps Design and Theme Options

By LeagueApps
September 26, 2011
2 min

Our trademark slogan here at LeagueApps is “Have It Your Way”. Actually, we just pulled a Ricky Henderson and swiped that from the good folks at Burger King. But the slogan does ring true for us and most certainly extends to website design and theming. With LeagueApps, we strive to ensure that a league partner can fully control the look and feel of their website.

Here are some of the different design options.

LeagueApps Theme Editor – Basic

The basic LeagueApps theme editor enables an admin to control the colors, fonts and images (header, background, logo image) of a LeagueApps website without requiring any design or coding skills. A live preview feature updates the design settings in real time. Within minutes, and with just a few clicks, any league can have a slick website that accurately portrays their league brand.

Rockville Athletics, Denver Pirate Network and Sacramento Sport & Social Club all used the basic design editor to create their website.

Check out the detailed theme editor article on the LeagueApps Help Site.

LeagueApps Theme Editor – Advanced

The LeagueApps theme editor also allows designers or front-end developers to access the CSS code to fully edit the basic theme template and create an entirely new design and style. This can ensure that a site is unique and can be almost completely customized for your specific league needs.

Kansas City Sports League and Coed Sports Arizona have customized their website design with the theme editor.

Check out the detailed advanced design article on the LeagueApps Help Site.

Web Page Design

In the LeagueApps console it is possible to add custom HTML, links, text or content to your website using the simple HTML/WYSIWYG editor. Customizable pages include the homepage, waiver form, league details page, and all new content pages. Designing content pages further customizes the look and feel of your website.

The LeagueApps Design Team

The LeagueApps design team will work with a league partner to help create a unique or customizable website theme. Hit us up, ask nicely, and you just might get lucky. At the very least, we’ll share more information on the different design packages available.

LeagueApps Preferred Designers

LeagueApps has developed relationships with professional freelance designers who are experienced with the LeagueApps platform and have previously developed sports league websites on the platform. Although unaffiliated directly with LeagueApps, our goal is to only recommend professional, talented and affordable designers.

Definitely more to come in the future in regard to theme and design. If you have any feedback or suggestions do make sure to let us know.