LeagueApps New Automated Billing and Invoice System

By LeagueApps
January 31, 2013
2 min

LeagueApps took a page out of it’s own playbook as we recognized that a more advanced invoice and payment system is needed for our sports organization partners and customers.

LeagueApps is proud of our policy that our partners collect 100% of the registration revenue directly from their own payment solution provider. This even includes processing fees that some partners add to their registrations. This policy helps leagues pick the best payment solution for their needs and collect all of their revenues directly without interference from a third party. LeagueApps sends an invoice to our partners at the end of the month after all transactions, refunds, credits and volume discounts have been processed so that the total monthly fee can be calculated.

Starting in February (for January 2013 invoices), all LeagueApps partners will be able to track and pay their monthly invoices to LeagueApps from within the admin console. League partners can also add their billing information for automatic recurring payments (like you can do for a cell phone or cable bill).

The benefits this provides for our league partners include:

  • Convenience with quick access to billing details and payment options
  • Monthly email notification with all invoice and transaction information
  • Automatic monthly payments help budget and avoid outstanding invoices
  • Easily review past invoices

The bottom line is that however you were tracking and paying your invoices to LeagueApps is now easier and more convenient. Please check out our help site articles for all the details on the invoicing and automated billing features.

The LeagueApps teams is excited as this feature allows us to spend less time on administration and bookkeeping and more time building a great platform for our partners.

Please reach out to LeagueApps if you have any questions regarding the monthly billing process, your invoice history or would like to learn more about this process.