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Launch Setup Packages

By LeagueApps
August 16, 2012
3 min

LeagueApps aims to alleviate the administrative and management burden for local sports organizations. We recognize that sports organizers are at the pulse of their local sports communities and we want to be their teammate. LeagueApps mission is to make organizing sports more efficient, organized and most importantly SAVETIME!

LeagueApps is excited to offer Launch Setup Packages. These packages support our partners in the initial setup, training and launch stages. This will enable efficiency and time savings from the very start of the relationship with LeagueApps. Nobody wants to hear us tout efficiency only to then ask you to do a bunch of work setting everything up. Like any new technology, there is a FUD Factor (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) with implementing a new digital solution. That is ok. It’s now the job of the LeagueApps launch team to be FUD busters!

The different Launch Setup Packages are outlined below and cover all of the major steps for launch including payment solution, program creation, site settings, custom content pages, design and integration options, launch audit and site testing. Most importantly, we’ll provide personal and customized training sessions so our partners are comfortable with the control panel.

LeagueApps has developed multiple packages to ensure we meet the needs, timing and budget of all organizations. Here is the breakdown.

Full Launch Setup Package

This is the ideal package for the busy sports league organizer who wants a quick, efficient setup with a specific launch date. Our team will also ensure that all organizers are fully trained on how to use LeagueApps.

In the full launch setup package, our partners can practically sit back, relax (or go to the gym) and we’ll configure and launch the LeagueApps solution! We’ll schedule an initial launch call to review the organization’s needs, develop a launch plan and confirm a launch date. From there, we’ll manage all aspects of the launch process an determine the most optimal settings. We’ll even get our hands dirty making sure payment solutions, domain, and design are setup properly.

  • Initial Launch Setup Call with dedicated LeagueApps launch manager
  • Custom launch plan with confirmed launch date
  • Live online training sessions (up to 5 hours)
  • Create all initial programs and optimize default settings
  • Facilitate and support design partners
  • Develop basic content and create custom pages
  • Setup call with merchant broker to receive best credit card rates
  • Enable custom URL
  • Facebook Integration Application
  • Complete site audit before launch
  • SEO Optimization audit (Page URL’s, page titles, meta tags, content)
  • Mobile site design customization

Basic Launch Setup Package

The basic launch setup package is for organizers that are adamant about diving into LeagueApps on their own. This option is best for leagues that do not have a specific launch date and plan to take their time getting familiar with LeagueApps platform.

In the basic launch setup package we’ll act as a wingman providing our guidance, expertise and support. The LeagueApps team will be available by email or scheduled conference calls to point you in the right direction. We’ll also check-in before a site goes live to audit site settings and resolve any lingering items.

Organizations that chooses the basic launch setup package will have the option of upgrading to a full launch setup package at anytime to access the focused resources and support of the LeageuApps launch team to get a site live.

  • Initial Launch Setup Call with LeagueApps launch team member
  • Basic launch plan
  • Live online training sessions
  • Design assistance and consultation
  • Setup call with merchant broker to receive best credit card rates
  • Enable custom URL
  • Facebook Integration Application
  • Complete site audit before launch

Self-Serve Launch

The beauty of LeagueApps is that a partner has the ability to setup and launch their complete site on their own. It’s free to test out the platform, create an account and play around with our features and tools. If you are in the early stages of forming a sports organization you should feel free to have at it. The LeagueApps help site has over 50 articles that document all of the features and functionality. Remember, you can always upgrade to a basic or full launch setup package at anytime.