Introducing Mobile Sites for Local Sports Leagues!

By LeagueApps
August 15, 2012
3 min

The LeagueApps team is super excited to announce the introduction of Mobile Sites!

Mobile is quickly becoming the most popular way that people use the internet. Local sports leagues NEED to be ready for this inevitable trend in order to stay in synch with their members.

LeagueApps launched Mobile Sites in order to empower local sports leagues to recognize the benefits of mobile TODAY. Leagues can now leverage mobile to drive member engagement, facilitate real-time mobile communication, and ultimately foster a happy member community! This is just the beginning. LeagueApps is committed to delivering more and more mobile solutions as part of the LeagueApps mobile roadmap.

Why Local Sports Clubs NEED Mobile

It’s no secret that mobile is the future.

Already,30% of league partners’ internet traffic is coming from mobile devices.  This trend will continue — and it’ll move quickly.  Average smartphone usage TRIPLED in 2011 (source).  In fact, mobile internet usage is predicted to surpass desktop internet usage by 2014 (source).

What’s really interesting for local sports clubs is WHAT people DO on mobile.  Did you know that 91% of mobile internet usage is for social activities, compared to just 79% on desktops?  (source).

We’re going to make sure our league partners are ready to capitalize on this explosion in mobile internet usage.

Benefits for League Partners and Their Members

The new Mobile Sites product makes life easier for your members, which is in turn great for you.  Check out some key benefits:

Increased member engagement
Gives your members a significantly enhanced mobile experience that keeps them more connected and engaged with your league.

Real-time mobile communication
Allows you to stay connected with your members by tapping into a direct line of communication — right to the mobile device. Reach them “in their pocket”.

Keep your members happy!
Mobile information delivery prevents common issues such as missed cancellation notices, game forfeits, etc.

Features Overview

Every LeagueApps account includes its very own mobile web application that is optimized for viewing on smart phones and other mobile devices.  Just like the standard website, the mobile site is customizable to match your league’s branding and look & feel.  When your league members visit your site on their mobile device, they’ll now be redirected to your optimized mobile site.

Here are a few of the things your members can do on your Mobile Site:

  • Check schedules and game details such as date/time, location and teams.
  • View game results, program standings and other program details.
  • Browse profiles of teams, rosters and individual players.
  • Experience the mobile site in their league’s customized look & feel.
  • iPhone users get quick access via an app icon on their home screen.
  • View real-time organizer announcements (coming Sep 2012).
  • Communicate with teammates (coming Sep 2012).
  • And many more to come!

It’s easy to go in and customize your league’s Mobile Site.  Login to your Manager Console and under “Mobile” in the right column, click the “Edit Settings” link.  If you’d like to dive deeper into the available features, settings, and other pointers, check out our online Knowledge Base document “Using Mobile Sites.”

LeagueApps Mobile Roadmap & Vision

Mobile is a major part of the LeagueApps product strategy.  We view Mobile as being one of the core “channels” that sports organizations use to engage and communicate with their members to go along with Web, Social Media and Email.

This initial release of Mobile Sites is only the beginning, and we’re excited about all the great mobile features and products we’ll be bringing to our league partners.

Members will be able to receive notifications, register for programs on their mobile phones, snap photos at games and easily share with their friends and fans, engage with other participants in friendly banter (or trash talking) from their phones, and the list goes on and on. Organizers will be able to monitor and manage leagues via mobile, collect mobile payments “at the field”, updates scores, and more.

If there is a mobile feature you find particularly interesting for your organization, let us know!