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Improvements to Reporting Tools, Registration, and Mobile App

By LeagueApps
December 30, 2013
2 min

We pushed out another release for 2013. This one includes a number of enhancements to the reporting tools, registration system, and some important improvements in the mobile app. This release is an example of our continued commitment to improving quality and incorporating partner feedback into updates.

Here’s a summary:

Reporting Tools

We made some specific improvements to the reporting tools, aimed at helping our partners manage their programs and members more effectively.

  • The date filtering criteria on Registration and Transactions reports now allows you to search back 3 years and include up to a year’s worth of data in the query.
  • You can now search members via custom profile field values. This allows you to create special custom fields which can be used as a way to track and search your members.
  • We added a few new information fields into the reporting views, such as ‘Date Joined’ on the Members listing view.
  • Account level invoices can now be searched by invoice number, and extracted as a CSV for purposes of importing into external tools such as Excel.
  • We also made a number of other tweaks to improve the accuracy of the reporting tools.

Registration Updates

We also made the following improvements to the registration system, related to the use of discount codes:

  • Discount codes expiration date now takes the site timezone into account. This means that discount codes with a specified expiration date will expire at midnight on the date of the expiration — in the specified timezone of that site.
  • Captain Unpaid Fees Reassignment. This improvement applies to cases when registration settings specify to have team payments shared among players and any unpaid player amounts are assigned back to the captain after a period of time. This rule was changed so that any discounts that had been applied to invoices of any players are preserved when these unpaid invoices are reassigned to the captain. The basic rule of thumb is that once a discount code is applied, it will be preserved.

Mobile Fixes

We made a few changes and resolved some reported issues to the mobile app. With these updates, the mobile app will serve the needs of our partner much better.

  • Removed the automatic redirection so that when members follow links on their mobile phones, they are not “forced” to the mobile app unless they explicitly decide to use it.
  • Resolved a reported issue with team messaging on mobile. Now, team messaging is properly sending emails when it should.
  • Added a warning message for members who have “private browsing” enabled. This notifies these users that they need to adjust their phone’s browser settings in order to use the app properly. This issue was reported mostly among a limited number of iPhone users, and would prevent usage of the app for a small number of users with this setting turned on.
  • Enhanced the “View Full Site” button on the mobile app login screen. This makes it much more clear to members that they have the option to visit the full site if they are on the mobile app.
  • We made sure that schedule views in the mobile app are properly showing any ‘game notes’ as well as ‘schedule notes’ on the full program schedule view.

If you have any questions about about of these updates, please let us know.