How LeagueApps Approaches Refunds and Credits

By Jamie Hancock
August 17, 2020
< 1 min

When COVID hit the youth sports community, organizations were faced with tough decisions: refund or credit customers for cancelled seasons, or risk losing goodwill with parents and players and damaging their reputation. 


We were proud that our system was set up to support refunds and credits before COVID, and that we’ve been able to provide organizers with the tools to act quickly and efficiently since the start of the pandemic.


The LeagueApps Difference: We Refund When You Refund


We only succeed when you do, which in 2020 means that it’s only right to share the financial hardship with our partners. If an organizer has to refund a customer, we refund the organization 100% of their fees. If an organization opts to issue credits for future programming, we make it easy to accomplish within our platform. Customizable programming, credits and scheduling works hand-in-hand to increase your retention rates and ensure a bright future for your organization. 


Issuing full credits and partial discounts can create complicated paperwork, but with the LeagueApps platform all payment records are securely stored in one place. This makes accounting and organizational tasks a breeze. For step-by-step instructions, you can consult our support page or reach out to a member of our customer success team directly.