Introducing FundPlay Foundation—An Expansion of LeagueApps’ Sports Based Youth Development Impact Program

By Melissa Wickes
February 2, 2023
2 min

The LeagueApps Impact program FundPlay has expanded sports based youth development programs in underserved communities all over the country through free software grants, administrative support, and a 1% revenue pledge.

Because of the dedication of the LeagueApps team to the shared mission that every child deserves access to amazing youth sports experiences, FundPlay has grow into an entity so large and impactful that we have no choice but to take it up a notch. FundPlay is officially becoming a nonprofit organization called FundPlay Foundation! 

In 2022, LeagueApps’ FundPlay program provided free software licenses to more than 400 youth sports organizations in underserved communities across the country, enabling more than 550,000 unique sports opportunities for youth in those communities. In the same year, FundPlay raised $50,000 during its annual FundPlay Drive to support the creation of an indoor mini soccer pitch for South Bronx United, FundPlay grantee. Watch the video below to learn more about the project:

You can read the full 2022 Impact Report here.

Now just imagine the reach this program can have as an official foundation.

“Utilizing LeagueApps services has allowed us to use the time we previously spent tracking participant information to focus on what is most important, our young people,” says James Nicklas, Program Manager of Chicago Run—one of LeagueApps’ FundPlay grantees. “By partnering with LeagueApps, we have more time available to design and deliver programming to build up the social, emotional, and physical well-being of our youth participants.”

What is FundPlay Foundation?

FundPlay Foundation is a nonprofit with the mission to build operational capacity for its partners and increase access to youth sports experiences. 

By becoming a public charity, FundPlay Foundation will be able to build upon the groundwork laid by LeagueApps, while still receiving support from LeagueApps in the form of a financial commitment, software licenses, and more. LeagueApps will cover all the operational costs for FundPlay Foundation in 2023, ensuring that 100 percent of all donations and funds raised by FundPlay Foundation will directly support sports based youth development programs and deserving nonprofits. 

Why is FundPlay Foundation important? 

In becoming an official foundation, FundPlay will be able to expand access to free and low cost youth sports programs to more kids than ever before.

Following this tradition, FundPlay Foundation and the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation will partner to raise money during this year’s FundPlay Drive to build two state of the art Dodgers Dreamfields for youth baseball and softball participants in Inglewood, California.

“By creating a distinction between LeagueApps’ broad impact efforts and the charter of FundPlay Foundation, we will be able to amplify and support the great work that both organizations do in increasing accessibility to youth sports for kids in underserved communities. We look forward to bringing together leaders and organizations all across youth sports to work collaboratively to address issues of inaccessibility,” says Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, FundPlay Foundation President and vice president of community & impact at LeagueApps.

Support Sports Based Youth Development Through FundPlay Foundation

If you run your programs on LeagueApps, you’re directly contributing to FundPlay’s mission to deliver the benefits of youth sports to all children—because LeagueApps has pledged 1% of its revenue to FundPlay Foundation. Thank you.

To support FundPlay Foundation during our annual FundPlay Drive—and help them build two Dodgers Foundation Dreamfields in Inglewood, CA, make a donation here. 100% of the proceeds go directly to youth sports.