How LeagueApps Gives Back to the Organizations We Believe in Most

By Melissa Wickes
November 21, 2022
2 min

LeagueApps is a mission-driven company composed of mission-driven individuals. Everything we do at work is with the goal of increasing access to youth sports—whether we’re strengthening our product, supporting our customers, spreading the word about our software, or giving it away to sports-based youth development organizations for free. 

On one day in particular, we’re lucky enough to put aside our day-to-day responsibilities to dedicate our time and energy to impact-related projects with our teammates—and that day is FundPlay Day.

FundPlay Day 2022

Our FundPlay program provides technology, training, and support to sports-based youth development organizations (SBYD) across the country. FundPlay is a huge part of what makes LeagueApps such a special place to work and it’s a constant reminder of why the work we do matters. 

This year, over 70 LeagueApps employees dedicated their day to a project that tied to our mission as an organization, both in person and virtually. The goals of this day were to drive forward LeagueApps’ impact programs as a springboard for scaled impact in 2023, and engage the LeagueApps team in impact projects that connect them to our company mission. The activities included:

Giving Tuesday

With Giving Tuesday around the corner, we’ll be posting on our social channels highlighting ways you can support  sports-based youth development organizations in your community. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay updated!

We also have plans to make donations to many organizations ourselves—including more than 50 of our 2022 FundPlay grantees and a variety of other organizations important to LeagueApps and its employees.

FundPlay Drive

In January, we plan to raise $250K through our FundPlay Drive. Last year, we raised over $150,000—$50,000 of which went towards building a new mini soccer pitch for one of our partners, South Bronx United. 

Stay tuned for more information about the 2022 FundPlay Drive and how you can get involved.

Last Call for 2022 Software Grantees

You can still apply to receive a free 2022 LeagueApps software grant through FundPlay—click here to see the application.