Five Reasons Why Our UI Lead Position ROCKS!

By LeagueApps
May 18, 2011
2 min

We’re hiring. In fact, we’re hiring for one of the most important positions in the company – the UI Lead.

This position is an amazing opportunity for the right person. What ambitious designer wouldn’t want to drive design and UI for an awesome startup!?

Here are five reasons why this position rocks:

Reason #1: Great Design is Essential to Success on the Web

“Good design used to make you stand out on the web. Now it’s the price of entry.”

This is what Ev himself said on Twitter the other day.

We definitely share this sentiment. That’s why we’ll value your design talents and contributions so much!

Reason #2: Leading UI for Already Awesome Products is Just… AWESOME!

We have some awesome products that are launched and growing. You’ll take the lead role in shaping the future UI for these great products. What self-motivated ambitious designer wouldn’t love this!?

Reason #3: Building Cool Products + Playing Sports = Fun Squared!

The products we’re building are cool enough by themselves (if we may say so 🙂 ). BUT, playing sports is just FUN, plain and simple. People have been having this fun ever since cavemen took a liking to Wrestling.

So, it follows that – building great products that make playing sports more fun – is itself going to be incredibly fun!

Reason #4: UX Matters a LOT More Than People Realize

Put two products with similar features side-by-side, and the one with better UX will always win. People naturally want to use software that is easier to use and less mentally taxing. Software with superior UX can even be considered “fun” to use.

We emphasize strong UX in our products. We like this. Taking a lead role in crafting UX will be a rewarding experience!

Reason #5: Social and Mobile are the Future!

We’re already building some great products on the web. But, we’re just getting started with our plans for Social and Mobile.

You’ll be the fearless leader driving UI for our social and mobile offerings. What an amazing opportunity to stretch out your creative cravings!


If you’re a passionate UI Designer/Developer, check out our job posting here: We’re Hiring a Lead UI Designer/Developer