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How to Find the Best Youth Sports Mobile App for Your Organization

By Melissa Wickes
September 6, 2022
2 min

It’s no question that a really great mobile app can completely transform your youth sports organization—but only if you choose the right one. The must-haves for a mobile app vary from organization to organization, which is why it’s crucial to evaluate what you want out of a mobile app. 

Enter: the Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Youth Sports Mobile App for Your Organization. This brand new, free guide will take you through a step-by-step process that starts with why a mobile app is important for a youth sports organization and ends with you finding the right one. The guide includes:

Planning Your Evaluation

There are five steps you’ll want to take to evaluate your needs for youth sports mobile app:

  1. Identify the key needs and requirements for your business
  2. Establish your selection criteria
  3. Conduct demos and ask the right questions
  4. Assess total cost—including price and time saved
  5. Select an app


Selection Criteria for Choosing an App

Next, the guide goes into the high-level considerations many organizers want to take to navigate the diverse, quickly changing mobile app landscape. This includes the must-have features and functionality you’re looking for.

  1. Save time, lower costs, and operate the way you want
  2. Engage and retain your members
  3. Empower your coaches

Think of it as a flow chart. If you’re looking to save time, look for this kind of app. If you want to engage and retain members, you’ll want this kind of app. And so on. 

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for apps that share your data with advertisers. Your members will get spammed with ads and you’ll lose the valuable line of communication. 

Evaluation Checklist 

This checklist will help you compare youth sports mobile apps. The beauty of it is that you can print it out and go through each category—messaging, scheduling, data and privacy, efficiency, and branding—to check off the things that each app has or doesn’t have. The checklist will include features like:

  • Real-time communication between coaches and families
  • Push notifications
  • In-app event creation and editing 
  • Event RSVP and check-ins
  • No data sharing 
  • No ads
  • Universal login
  • Options to upgrade to custom branded app

A Competitive Comparison

In this guide, we’ve laid out the top youth sports mobile apps and compared their key features (so you don’t have to). This easy-to-read chart will answer questions like:

  • Which apps are free for members?
  • Which apps are ad-free?
  • Which apps have branded options?
  • Which apps offer automatic rostering and scheduling from the management platform?
  • Which apps offer chat messaging?
  • Which apps allow you to edit and create events in the app?

Download the Sports Mobile App eBook

Make the right choice for your youth sports mobile app the first time by completing this evaluation and weighing your considerations first. Download the free eBook here.