Feature Highlight: Schedule Generator 1.0

By LeagueApps
July 18, 2011
2 min

LeagueApps built its Schedule Generator tool to save the admin the time and hassle of creating a league schedule from scratch. We’ve heard from many of our league partners that scheduling is one of the most time-consuming activities in launching a new season.

Our scheduling software instantly builds out a league schedule based on inputs for days, time, locations and a few other options.

The scheduling tool will produce accurate results if the follow conditions are met:

  • The program has an even number of teams.
  • Each team plays an even number of total games.
  • Each team plays an even number of games per week.

If these items are not correct the tool will not be able to generate a schedule.

There may be situations in which you’ll need to manipulate the Schedule Generator to further customize the schedule.  We’ve made it simple to update and edit schedules. Below are some work-around solutions that can help in these scenarios:


Adding / Editing Single Games

After you’ve generated your schedule, you can add single games or edit any of the games you’ve created. This can be useful if you want to schedule Playoff or Championship games for your program. Simply add a single game or edit an existing game by changing the Game Type for that game.


Bye Weeks

Here are a few solutions for scheduling bye weeks;

1) If your program has an even number of teams AND each team plays an even number of total games-

Add a single game each week, in which one team plays vs. ‘TBD’. This will count as a bye week for each team. If you want each team to have one bye week in a season, make sure each team plays vs. ‘TBD’ only once.

2) If your program has an odd number of teams AND each team plays an odd number of total games-

a. Add a ‘dummy’ team to make the total number of teams even.

b. Schedule an extra game for each team. (For example, if your program has a 9-week schedule, add an additional week to make it 10 weeks.) Now you have an even number of total games and you’ll have a bye week naturally scheduled into each team’s schedule, since each team will only be playing 9 games in a 10-week schedule.

You’ll just have to make sure that each team plays every other team only once (including the dummy team).  This will still require some manual tweaking, but the process should be less tedious.


LeagueApps plans to develop new versions of the Schedule Generator in future releases.  Please send us feedback on any inputs that influence your schedule creation so we can try and incorporate in future development upgrades.