eCommerce Products Now Available For Sale

By LeagueApps
May 2, 2014
3 min

The LeagueApps team is happy to announce the release of our newest feature – eCommerce Products. Now within LeagueApps you can sell additional products and merchandise. You can choose to sell items during the registration process and/or as standalone products. If you are interested in learning more about different eCommerce ideas for your league, check out our Top 5 Ways to Use eCommerce Products blog post written by our President, Jeremy Goldberg.

Creating a Product

The first step to selling a product is to create the product.  You can access your products listing from either the “Manage” menu, the “Products” link on the program listings page, or the “Products” tab within the program details.  If you need more info on where to access your products, each of those links contain screen shots to give you some more guidance.

When creating a product you are able to set the properties of the item – including name, descriptions, price, shipping options, sales tax, and and image.

There are also options to sell your products outside of the registration as a standalone product.  From the view product page you are able to access a direct link for your product, as well as a widget to help promote and sell your product on other pages or sites.

After you have created your product you can create custom form field for your product, such as shirt size or color.  These extra fields are created in the same way you create additional form fields for your registration.  The last step in setting up your product is selecting which program they will be available for.  You are able to filter and choose as many programs as you would like to assign your product to .

Purchasing A Product

You will notice a new step in the registration process.  This new step appears after a player enters their program specific registration details and before payment.

These are the same products which you assigned to the program from the admin console.  If there are no products assigned to this program or the items available are out of inventory the new step will not appear.  You are able to choose different quantities per product and multiple products.  If there are custom fields for a product they will be displayed on this page as well.  After you select a product it will appear in your “cart” on the right hand side of the page along with a running total of your registration fees and product purchases.  Once you are finished with your selections, you can choose the “Continue to Payment” options to finalize your registration and pay for your order.

Product Reporting

You’ll notice a new report under the Reports menu for Product Orders.  This where you can view and manage your product orders.

In the order history report you can see a list of all of your orders, as well as update the details, modify the status, and export your report to a CSV file.  When you change an order status to “Closed” that indicates that it has been delivered to the purchaser.  You can quickly close out multiple order quickly and easily from the main listings page by simply clicking the “Close Order” link from the status column.

We are incredibly excited to announce this feature.  We hope you are as as excited about it as we are.  As always please let us know if you have any additional feedback.  And definitely take a minute and check out our 5 Top Ways to use eCommerce Products blog post for some good tips!