8 Digital Coaching Tools to up Your Youth Sports Organization’s Game

By Melissa Wickes
March 28, 2023
2 min

Technology has changed the way we operate youth sports—and in many ways it has also made the lives of administrators and coaches much easier. The more time that is saved by using digital coaching tools to make the day-to-day stuff more manageable, the more time coaches and administrators can invest in the kids.

If you’re not already investing in great youth sports technology, there’s no time like the present. Here are some of LeagueApps newest digital coaching tools and other product updates that can make it easier for you to manage and grow your business.

Improve Team Communication 

A lot of important messages flow between coaches, players, and parents. To make sure your parents and families don’t miss a single one, our mobile app LeagueApps Play now has the Coach Notes feature, which allows coaches to craft high priority, prominently-displayed alert cards in their team members’ mobile apps. These messages will be sent as emails as well as push notifications in the app. 

Consolidate Your Schedules

LeagueApps’ new External Teams feature allows you to easily build and edit game schedules that include external teams (teams that are not within your organization). If your team competes in competitive leagues that aren’t run through LeagueApps, this feature allows you to easily replicate your league schedule. 

Learn more about External Teams here. 

Simplify Tournament Scheduling

LeagueApps has transformed the tournaments scheduling experience for partners to leverage alongside our existing functionality for scorekeeping, standings, and registration. This new experience includes pool play and single elimination bracket game generator, drag & drop calendar views, tournament-level double booking prevention, game change and reminder notifications, mobile app upgrades (tournament schedules, brackets, and updates), and more! 

Quickly Check Tournament Schedules

LeagueApps’ newest tournament feature—Schedule Balance Summary view—displays the Team Head to Head Matchups, Game Start Times, Locations, and Home vs Away breakdowns for each schedule. 

Choose Whether to Include Tournament Games in Your Standings

Now, coaches can decide whether or not to include tournament games in your standings calculations. 

Registration in-App

We often hear coaches say they wish they could register kids for programs right their on the field, in the moment that parents ask about them. Now, you can do exactly that with in-app, mobile registration. In fact, our new Register Now card helps members easily find and complete registration for your open programs in a few taps, directly in the home feed of the mobile app. 

Expand Scorekeeper Permissions

Designate scorekeepers on your staff and assign them to relevant programs. This allows them to add and edit scores for games within your programs, directly in the member dashboard. 

Limit Who Views Your Team Rosters

Team Roster Visibility permissions now allow you to limit parents and players from viewing team rosters, while still allowing coaches and other staff to in the member portal and mobile apps. 

Are you interested in learning more about tools that can help you better run your organization? Set up a call with Maggie or Anthony, our inbound sales specialist—and two experts on youth sports.