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Connect your Facebook Page to LeagueApps!

By LeagueApps
November 3, 2011
3 min

The LeagueApps – Facebook integration project is now live! For those who don’t know, integrating Facebook features into the platform is a main product focus at LeagueApps these days. The goal of our Facebook integration project is to help our league partners grow their Facebook fan base and streamline their promotional activities through Facebook. Plus, we want to help get your members more engaged so that they keep coming back to your website (and the playing field!). This release is the first step towards fully incorporating Facebook into your LeagueApps.

An organization can now link their Facebook Page to a LeagueApps account. Facebook Pages are a great place to post fresh content, such as photos, videos, announcements, events and more. Facebook can be a great vehicle for connecting with your existing members, promoting activities and offerings, and ultimately gaining a larger following. Click here for a comprehensive overview of Facebook Pages.

If you don’t have a page set up, you can create a Facebook Page here. By connecting your Facebook page to your LeagueApps account, you will be able to leverage the full scope of integrated Facebook features that we plan to offer in the future.

Get started by following these steps to connect your Facebook Page:

  1. Scroll to the Facebook Tools button on the right side of your Site Dashboard.  Click the Setup Now link, which will take you directly to the Facebook Settings page under the “Settings > Social” tab in your admin console.
  2. Enter your Facebook Page URL (e.g.
  3. Once you have entered your Facebook Page URL, a list of Facebook widgets and buttons are enabled. Simply select which items from the list you would like to be automatically incorporated into your site.

Ex. Prompt your members to ‘Like’ your Facebook page after completing registration.

These widgets and buttons are strategically placed to optimize ‘Likes’ on your Facebook Page. Again, the goal is to ramp up promotion of your Facebook Page and get those ‘Likes’ up! The Like button is important because it lets your members share their content with their Facebook friends. When a user clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in their friends’ News Feed with a link back to your site.

Below is an example of how your Facebook Likes will appear on your Site Header and Footer:

Here is an example of the overlay that appears after a member completes registration. Your members will be prompted to ‘Like’ your Facebook Page in one final step before leaving the registration page.

Stay tuned for more Facebook updates, including Facebook Connect, Facebook Apps, and much more.

We’re available if you have any questions, issues, or feedback when using these new features. Feel free to contact our Account Manager Asaf, at 646-660-9430 or at