Here’s How LeagueApps Can Help You Collect More Payments Than Ever Before

By Melissa Wickes
April 13, 2023
2 min

As a youth sports organizer, you know the importance of being a team player. We’re always on your team trying to make your life easier, even when you’re in the weeds with the more difficult back-end tasks like collecting payments. That’s why we only generate revenue when you do and why we work hard to make sure you have what you need to flourish as an organization. Are you aware of how utilizing LeagueApps can help you collect payments, fill programs, and stay connected with your customers, with less guesswork and error? Let’s get into it.


Instead of collecting our fees upfront, we generate revenue as you generate revenue. In the event of a major disrupter (like COVID-19), this helps you stay solvent. Plus, one-time launch fees and zero contracts or commitments give you the flexibility you need.

If you ever need to issue a refund, we’ll refund your transaction fees, no questions asked. That means peace of mind for you and your customers. We also make it easy to issue credits in lieu of monetary refunds.  


Our platform helps you fill your programs completely, collect 100 percent of your payments, and create new revenue streams with ecommerce. We give you the tools you need to increase your bottom line.


Collecting fees can be time consuming and challenging, which is why we have developed software that can streamline the entire process. Automated email reminders, customizable payment plans, and comprehensive invoicing within your dashboard will turn your business’ back-end into a well-oiled machine. 

Enabling AutoPay enrollment is a quick way to make collecting payments more seamless. It will require your members to store a payment method on their account when paying for and opting into a payment plan. Your site will then automatically charge the stored payment method on each installment date for a payment plan that requires AutoPay enrollment—meaning more payment collection for your organization without any added work. You can enable AutoPay for each payment plan within a program, so you have control over which payment plans require AutoPay and which don’t. 

Over $730 million was collected using LeagueApps AutoPay in 2021, and Solar Soccer Club calls it the “#1 payment plan tool.”

You can also save hundreds of hours of manual administrative work by setting up automated payment reminders, invoice receipts, and payment plan information.

Collect Payments with LeagueApps 

Chasing down payments is not why you got into the youth sports world. Connect with a member of the LeagueApps team to take out the added grunt work of collecting payments, filling programs, and staying connected with your customers.