Moving to the Cloud — Bigger, Stronger, Better

By LeagueApps
June 8, 2016
2 min

At LeagueApps, we’re dedicated to building and providing the best sports management platform in the Industry. As part of this, we’re making some major improvements to the underlying technology that powers the platform. Our engineers have been working on a project to update our underlying system architecture and migrate to world class “cloud-based” infrastructure.

This will allow us to continue offering exceptional platform performance and site availability as we grow. Here are a few highlights of how this will benefit YOU:

  • Scale as we grow together. As we add new partners into the LeagueApps community, and as you grow your organization, our technology platform will be readily able to meet the increasing demand and maintain 99.9% availability and performance.
  • Smoother releases and maintenance updates. We’ll have greater flexibility in how and when we perform maintenance updates and feature releases. What this means for you is a) little to no service interruption during scheduled maintenance and releases, and b) faster turnaround time for fixes/patches.
  • Superior Internet connectivity. LeagueApps will be using the same network technology that powers the same Google services used world-wide (e.g., Google Search). So, you can rest easy that your members, wherever they’re located, are always able to access your site.

In order to complete this transition, we’ll need to perform a one-time system maintenance project which will require us to take the platform offline for a few hours. This scheduled maintenance downtime will occur this coming Saturday June 11 from 8pm – midnight EST. During this downtime, your account will not be accessible and your site will be offline. Visitors to your site will be presented with a message explaining the scheduled maintenance downtime and shown the time the site is planned to be back online. Your data will not be affected, and all emails sent from your members to you will not be affected. Once the maintenance window has completed, your site will be back online and better than ever.

We encourage you to plan accordingly for this one-time downtime. We recommend alerting your users this week as well. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and help however we can. Our regular Support Channels will be available before, during, or after the Scheduled Maintenance downtime. You can email us at or call us at 1-888-208-0210 for help.