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O Canada! LeagueApps Offers Online Registration For Canadian Sports Organizations

By LeagueApps
March 19, 2013
2 min

There are so many great sports organizations and clubs in Canada that would be great LeagueApps partners, but until last week there was no ability for a Canadian organization to utilize LeagueApps to collect registration payments. The powers that be in the credit card processing world make it incredibly complex to create and integrate online payment solutions for partners outside of the USA. Luckily, our friends over at Stripe recently released the ability for a Canadian business to use a Stripe account to accept payments. A few tweaks to the LeagueApps platform and we’re all set to offer all of our payment and registration services to Canadian organizations.

If you are running a Canadian league and want to accept payments in Canadian dollars, we can help!

It’s simple to get started. You must use Stripe as your payment solution. Here are the steps to get setup:

(1) Create or Log into a LeagueApps account

(2) Go to the Manage Account section of the LeagueApps Admin console and under Payment Gateway you can signup for a Stripe account. Be sure to select CAD support as this cant be changed once a Stripe account has been created. Here is a support article explaining the Stripe setup process.

Note that member payments will be processed as Canadian dollars.

LeagueApps is eager to launch our first few Canadian partners this week including Regina Ultimate Flying Disc Club. RUFDC is committed to growing Ultimate in Canada and championing the “spirit of the game”.

Do let us know if you’re located north of the border and looking to use LeagueApps. LeagueApps is eager to partner with all kinds of Canadian sports leagues especially for ice hockey, curling and any sport that is uniquely Canadian!