A Quick Pre Saint Patrick’s Update…

By LeagueApps
March 16, 2011
< 1 min

We pushed out a small release that includes a few things worth mentioning. Enjoy your Saint Patrick’s Day!

  • Added a date selector to the site dashboard which allows you to specify the start date used in the payment and registration summary graphs.
  • Expanded the member messaging tool to include an option to send message as a “marketing email”. When this option is selected, it will i) exclude any members who have previously “opted-out”, and ii) include a one-click opt-out link at the bottom of the outgoing email.
  • Improved the result messages for login failure and password retrieval, so that they’re more specific and helpful in describing why the action failed (e.g., login failed because username or email is not tied to any existing account).
  • Added the ability to remove a team photo.
  • Various bug fixes and small tweaks. Thanks for sending in feedback!