Five Top Ways to Use the New eCommerce Products Feature

By LeagueApps
May 2, 2014
3 min

LeagueApps has just released eCommerce Products, a new feature that will allow our partners to manage and sell “products” to their members through the registration process and on their website. Read the full release notes here.

We have built LeagueApps with the belief that sports organizers are central to the local sports experience.  Our platform has made our partners more efficient and effective in managing their programs.  Our eCommerce features will now let our partners deliver a better experience for their members, while placing them at the center of participation-related commerce.


Five Top Ways to Use eCommerce Products

We’ve designed the feature to be flexible and customizable for you to create and sell any type of product. After numerous great conversations with our partners about how they intend to use the feature, we thought we’d share a few of the top examples and use-cases.


1) Sell Additional T-Shirts or Premium Shirts

Many of our partners provide a t-shirt as part of the registration fee. But they are often asked about buying an extra shirt, or if they can sell premium shirts like performance apparel.

Dave from PortSports, for example, has begun selling shirts for specific sports, such as volleyball dry-fit shirts. But the logistics of selling and collecting payment and managing inventory is challenging. With eCommerce Products, you can now sell extra or premium shirts during registration, collect payment, and then place orders with your local vendors.


2) Sell League-Branded Swag that You’ve Produced

Some of you have created water bottles, key chains, sweatshirts, beer koozies, and more as part of the branding efforts for your league.

Susan from Big D Sports gives her participants various gifts each season. With members who want to purchase additional items and shelves of extra product, she’ll now be able to sell that inventory to members during registration and throughout the season. Other partners might decide to gauge demand and sell products during registration, and then order the exact number of product needed.


3) Sell Related Equipment

You know best about the right kind of equipment your members might want or need to participate in your sports programs. Rather than direct your members to another website, or to a local store, you can now sell a recommended product during registration.

Matt from Kickball365 has been selling kickballs to his members for his competitive kickball leagues. With eCommerce Products, he’ll have control of the entire process, and can take advantage of the fact that his members are most likely going to want to purchase a kickball when they sign up for a league or tournament.


4) Sell Related Products for Events

You may be one of many of our partners that organize events and outings, from happy hours and social events to weekend experiences.

Justin and Social Boston Sports live up to their name and offer various events, such as Rafting and Ski Trips. Now Justin can sell Ski rentals and lift tickets, tent rentals, and VIP after-party tickets during the sign-up process.


5) Encourage Donations to Your Charities

We are always inspired by our many partners who connect their members to local charities, through donations and service.

Alex from District Sports, for instance, works closely with local charities and schools to support sports programming through financial and in-kind support and product donation. He’ll now have the opportunity to encourage his members to contribute directly to these worthy organizations, where a few extra dollars from his members can go a long way in making a difference in the community.

You can use the eCommerce Product feature to create these donation opportunities, such as creating a new product for each donation level.


Become an eCommerce Expert

Do you already sell products today? Do you want to start an eCommerce program? Are you a nonprofit looking to raise additional funds or create more convenience for your parents and members?

We want to help you understand the best ways to take advantage of this new feature.

Here are all the ways that we can help you – all free and part of the service we offer LeagueApps partners:


Join an eCommerce Webinar

We’ll be hosting three webinars in the next weeks that are great ways to learn about the new features and best practices from the LeagueApps team:

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How Are You Using the eCommerce Products Feature?

We’d love to hear how you are using the eCommerce Products feature.  Email and share your story, and we’ll highlight your efforts in an upcoming blog post and social media posts.