The LeagueApps Difference

Discount Codes that Drive Registration and Encourage Loyalty

At LeagueApps, we’ve created several tools to ensure that your programs reach full capacity, but none are more simple and time-saving than discount codes. Easily offer discounted rates for your programs to incentivize registration and recognize customer loyalty.

Quickly Customize and Distribute Codes from the Back-End

Admins can create custom code names and set discount values, expiration dates, and redemption limits (the maximum time a code can be used) right from the LeagueApps dashboard. Offer codes for specific programs or universal codes for all programs across your organization. Send codes to your members via the LeagueApps messaging center or include them in your marketing materials.


Seamlessly Work Discounts into your Registration Flow

Our registration platform has built-in flexibility so you can design a sign-up experience tailored to your unique needs. Admins can add discount form fields directly into the registration flow, making discounted sign-up as easy as possible for parents and players. When members redeem a code during registration, it automatically gets applied to their total at check-out.

Track Discounts with Insight-Driving Reports

Easily keep tabs on discount code usage via our best-in-class reporting function. Simply run a Registration Report from the Management Console to see which members signed up with a code and track towards your redemption limit. Discount codes are automatically discontinued when the defined redemption limit or expiration date is reached.