An Upgraded App Experience


Your Branding

Branded Apps are designed to put your organization front and center—featuring your unique brand elements, colors, and logos.


Member Tools

Parents, players, and coaches can get access to team schedules, standings, scores and more right from their iPhone or Android device.


Real-Time Messaging

Our branded apps feature chat-based messaging to teams and individuals over the age of 18, ensuring your participants are communicating safely and are in the know on the go.


Universal Log-In

Members easily login with the same credentials they use for the LeagueApps Member Portal—no additional account creation required.


Seamless Connectivity

Branded apps automatically sync with your LeagueApps dashboard, saving you and your admins hours of manual entry.


No Ads

Our branded apps are ad-free, meaning your members will never be spammed by third-party ads.

How it works



You’ll share your brand assets with our design team, and we’ll do the rest! We’ll outfit your app with your brand elements and design a top-notch member experience.



We’ll provide you with a “communications toolkit” that you can use to promote your app to your participants: giving you language and guides to share on your website, on your social channels, and via email.



Players, parents, and coaches will search your organization’s name in the app stores. If they’re registered to a team, they’ll find their schedules, standings, rosters, and more on your personalized app.

Get a Branded App Today

Improve your member experience and amp up your brand awareness with your very own mobile app. Get it in the App Store and Google Play Store.