How LeagueApps Is Helping Total Package Hockey Increase Their Influence And Reach

About Total Package Hockey

Total Package Hockey was founded in 2001 with the vision of impacting the lives of student-athletes through the game of hockey. They operate several Centers of Excellence across the U.S., providing youth with a place to study, train and play to their fullest potential. Since partnering with LeagueApps in 2018, TPH has expanded their Center of Excellence model to new locations across the U.S. and are currently working to bring the model to new sports beyond hockey.


A Community That Opens Doors to New Business

A Place for Problem-Solving

By joining LeagueApps’ NextUp Community, the industry’s largest community of sports leaders, TPH was connected with a network of like-minded sports leaders—giving them a space to talk shop and share ideas for tackling common industry challenges.

Thought Leadership Opportunities

Several members of the TPH leadership team have presented at our NextUp events, providing TPH with a platform to share their proven model for youth sports with other industry leaders.

Connections That Drive Growth

After attending NextUp in 2019, TPH connected with several organizations interested in learning more about their Center of Excellence model. Since then, TPH has presented to more than five organizations (across various sports) looking to build partnerships with them.


A Website That Supercharges Growth

Branding Front and Center

Built by LeagueApps Design Shop, our website design service, the TPH site features a user-friendly experience that features their unique brand elements and puts their registration front and center.

Ability to Manage Multiple Locations

TPH operates a variety of different programming across multiple locations. Using our sub-site solution, TPH is able to keep branding consistent across each of these distinct programs while keeping data and financial information separate on the back-end.

A Customer Service Team to Count On

Our Customer Success team ensures that TPH never loses a step with their customers by helping them work through custom website solutions and troubleshooting technical problems within 24 hours.


A Time-saving Registration Solution

Quick and Easy Set-Up

Using our best-in-class registration platform, TPH admins are able to set up and launch new programs in under five minutes–– a crucial efficiency for a company that’s rapidly evolving and growing.

Customizable Payment Plans

TPH is able to meet families where they are by designing custom payment plans. On the back end, that means they spend less time tracking down fees and dealing with customer disputes, and more time on big-picture thinking.

Detailed Registration Reports

The ability to run custom reports on registration data has significantly cut down the time that TPH admins spend working through registration issues and helps them identify new areas for opportunity and growth.