How Attending Tournaments Will Make Your Youth Sports Organization Stronger

By Melissa Wickes
April 6, 2023
2 min

When I asked my friend, a former college athlete and lifelong lover of soccer, what his favorite memory of his time playing youth soccer was, the answer was clearly attending tournaments. The fun memories, the opportunity to meet players from all over the country, improving your skills, the list goes on. 

What you may not be considering is just how valuable attending these tournaments can be for your organization from a business perspective as well. If your organization is participating in a tournament, there are various ways you can make the most of the time to make your organization better.

For example, the 2023 Lone Star Classic Volleyball tournament is in full swing in Dallas and we’re so excited to be attending April 14-16. We can’t wait to get leaders in youth volleyball together for Happy Hour on Friday for an opportunity to network, learn, and enjoy Dallas comfort food and drinks.

If your organization is in the tournament, I’m sure you’re focused on winning, which is understandable. Here are some other reasons attending youth sports tournaments can make your organization better. Win win. (Hopefully.)

Skill Development

Youth sports tournaments provide athletes with the opportunity to develop their skills through competition against other teams and players as well as watching other teams compete at high levels. They can help athletes learn new techniques, strategies, and ways to improve their game. Better teams make for better organizations, who doesn’t want to play with winners?!

Teamwork and Sportsmanship

As much fun as it is to win, it’s not always the case—and that’s okay! There’s so much to be learned through losses and playing with and against different teams. Players will learn to respect their opponents and work together with their teammates, which makes your organization consist of players with empathy, respect, and good sportsmanship—likely values that all align with your organization’s mission!  

Building Confidence

As your players get a chance to showcase their skills and compete against other great players, they’ll become more and more confident in not only their sport, but in life.  

Exposure and Networking

Not only can your athletes be exposed to scouts, recruiters, and coaches who may be interested in offering them scholarships, but you’ll have the opportunity to network with other leaders in the sport and in youth sports technology. If you’re attending Lone Star Classic, join LeagueApps for the official Happy Hour at Hops & Hens on Friday at 6pm! If you register now, you’ll receive a $30 gift card and be qualified to have your travel expenses to USAV Nationals completely covered as a gift from LeagueApps.