Youth Legends Tournament

By LeagueApps
October 11, 2018
6 min

The Youth Legend tournament aims to settle, once and for all, the question of who is the greatest youth athlete to ever appear in film, television or video games. The field has been set and is chock full of worthy contenders. They can only lobby for your vote, however, because the outcome of this tournament is solely in the hand of the voters. Before we kick things off, a moment of silence for the tournament snubs. We’re looking at you Regina George, Goldberg, Lance Harbor, Bliss Cavendar, and Ronnie ‘Sunshine’ Bass.

And now for our field….


Misfits Region


Tim Riggins


Danny Noonan


There is a sizable difference in the physicality required to succeed on the gridiron and on the links. Physiques aside, both Riggins and Noonan displayed the kind of mental fortitude required to deliver under pressure. With a college scholarship on the line, Noonan switched sides and authored one of the finest performances in the history of Bushwood Country Club. His final explosion-aided putt put him in the good graces of Al Czervik, who was sure to make it financially “worth his while.” Not to be outdone, Riggins made the most of his opportunity to start when he replaced Smash Williams at Dillon. An impressive senior highlight reel scored him a full ride to San Antonio State, making him the first Riggins brother to attend college. Both are heartthrobs in their own right, but their off-field/course escapades should do little to sway the voters. So who is it going to be? Mr. Texas Forever or the Boy Wonder of Bushwood?




Teen Wolf


Becky O’Shea transformed into Icebox when the Little Giants needed her the most. Depending on your age, you may remember Scott Howard transforming into the Teen Wolf just in time to turn around the Beavers’ season. Can you separate Becky from Icebox or Scott from the Teen Wolf? Hard to say. What is certain is that they were both beasts once the whistle was blown. Far be it from us here at LeagueApps to sway your vote, but in the era of spread offenses the value of edge rushers like Icebox is at a premium.

As for ball-dominant point guards? Well, just ask Russell Westbrook how many playoff series he’s won since KD left Oklahoma City.

Superstars Region


Adam Banks


Jimmy Chitwood


Whether the picket fence or the flying V speaks to you on a visceral level, both Banks and Chitwood emanate the quiet cool we all aspire to as athletes. Neither would be considered the emotional leader of their respective teams, but they are without a doubt their unit’s best players. They truly did it for the love of the game and if that’s not something to aspire to, then we don’t know what is. Could it be argued that Banks was a bit injury prone? Sure.

Was Chitwood a bit of a defensive liability? All we’ll say about that is that it’s a good thing advanced stats weren’t around in the 1950s. But why nitpick? These are two absolute legends vying for your vote, so focus on the good stuff!



Calvin Cambridge


The Italians


It may be two on one, but this is a fair fight. While “The Italians” are maestros on the soccer field, Mr. Cambridge makes sweet music of his own on the hardwood. Both were thrust into the spotlight on teams that were in need of a talent infusion. The Italians quickly won over their coaches and fans with well-timed slide tackles and breathtaking bicycle kicks. Please forgive us for saying it, but the dynamic soccer duo put the boot back in Italy.

Calvin Cambridge may have been aided by a pair of electrified sneakers, but he more than proved his mettle by performing on the sports’ highest stage. It’s safe to say he’s ready to give the pitch prodigies a run for their lunch money.


Pop Culture Icons Region


Pablo Sanchez


Jules Paxton


A tough draw for the plucky Paxton in the first round, no doubt about it. Pablo Sanchez makes Bo Jackson’s character in Tecmo Bowl look like an 8-bit benchwarmer. Don’t let the oversized hat and potbelly fool you, Mr. Sanchez was a baller. As for his challenger in the Round of 16, Ms. Paxton displayed the kind of grit and determination in pursuit of her soccer dreams to inspire a bit of confidence in her upset bid.

She overcame considerable odds and scored herself a scholarship in the States, which begs the question: Can she beat the odds and send the pixelated Pablo packing? Cast your vote!

Air Bud


Dan LaRusso


Can a young boy defeat a good boy? It can be argued that the Karate Kid only rose to the occasion when faced with a neighborhood bully. How will he fare against the loveable, loyal and downright relentless spirit of Air Bud? Your guess is as good as ours. Just don’t count on a spin-off movie popping up from this matchup.

Air Bud and the Karate Kid already have a combined ten movies to their name, not to mention a host of made-for-TV series.


Diamond Darlings Region


Henry Rowengartner


Kelly Leak


The one year wonder faces off against the kid from the other side of the tracks. Your vote in this matchup will say a lot about the kind of athlete you favor. Clean cut vs. untucked, pure and simple. On the bump, Henry was mowing down hall of famers. Kelly was a decidedly more mercurial superstar, even a mercenary of sorts. Did he live and die with the game? No. But he sure did dominate it.

So who advances in your book, the freak of nature or the motorcycle riding wildman?


Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez


Billy Heywood


Some may view this first-round matchup as purely procedural, just a formality on The Jet’s road to the title. To that we say, never rule out an innovative mind like Billy Heywood’s. The owner/manager of the Twins was able to rally a ragtag bunch of middling journeymen to playoff glory. Well, almost. But hey, he got pretty close! If you think Billy should be getting more love, vote for him!

Or side with the number one overall seed and help kickstart The Jet’s march to the tournament title!