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Why The Admiral Works With LeagueApps

By LeagueApps
July 25, 2016
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Recently, NBA Hall of Famer David “The Admiral” Robinson stopped by the LeagueApps office. The Admiral is a firm believer in LeagueApps and the power of youth sports. LeagueApps is helping local sports organizers create better experiences for young athletes in their communities.

The Admiral spoke of leadership and culture and how they create a winning formula for any team. These key ingredients are pivotal for all youth sports organizers.

By creating a positive culture for your sports organization, members are motivated and put in a position to succeed. This allows development within your program. This also grows leaders and builds sustained success for your sports organization.

The Admiral puts a lot of stock into youth sports organizers, as the clip above will show. He wants every community sports organizer to feel empowered to create leaders in their respective organization. When the culture and leaders are in place, the youth athletes will develop those values they learned from their program. Then, the cycle continues for a new generation of leaders.

Mr. Robinson is a firm believer that the technology created by LeagueApps can help all sports organizers set their programs up for success. Our technology is helping sports organizers focus less time and resources on logistics and allowing more time to be spent on developing and finding more youth athletes.

Read what the Admiral had to say about sports organizers on his last visit to the LeagueApps office.