Why Our VP of Product is a Difference Maker

By Melissa Wickes
October 3, 2022
2 min

We live by this Nelson Mandela quote at LeagueApps: “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand.”

Everything we do day in and day out is done with the intention of making a difference—and that’s why Difference Maker is one of the nine values we abide by. 

To us, difference maker means we’re here with a purpose and to make an impact. No LeagueApps member has exemplified what it means to be a difference maker in the last year better than Rebecca Gross.

Rebecca is the Vice President of Product at LeagueApps, and she leads the Product team in building an amazing product that makes a significant difference in the lives of our customer—youth sports leaders. As the needs of youth sports leaders continue to change, Rebecca maintains a pulse on everything so the Product Team can continue to make the right choices to meet them.

So, in true LeagueApps fashion, we recognized Rebecca as the 2021 Difference Maker SPORTSDOG winner for her amazing work over the course of the last year. And we’re using the whole month of October to recognize her (and other Difference Makers at LeagueApps) again.

As Brian Litvack puts it, Rebecca has made a profound impact on LeagueApps in her time here so far, and everything she does is done with excellence and a deep dedication to driving results and making sure it will help propel LeagueApps to the next level.

“Rebecca Gross is a Difference-Maker—that much is obvious to me. I do not know what we did for the first 12 years of LeagueApps without Rebecca. She came in on May 19th, 2021—a day I will remember for the rest of my life,” says Brian Litvack.

We’re no strangers to recognition at LeagueApps. In fact, we take time to shout out our fellow teammates every Thursday during our All Hands meeting—and every shoutout is tied back to one of our nine values: Sportsmanship, Passion, Openness, Results, Team, Student of the Game, Difference Maker, Own Your Role, and Grit. 

With the commitment each member of LeagueApps has to upholding these values, choosing just one person to win the SPORTSDOG Award is no easy feat. However, Rebecca was a clear choice for this year’s Difference Maker award, and here’s what her teammates have to say about why. 

Difference-Maker SPORTSDOG Award Winner: Rebecca Gross 

“Rebecca has changed not only the Product team, but every team within LeagueApps, and the company for the better,” says Kara Lawson—who won the 2021 SPORTSDOG award for Student of the Game.

“Rebecca’s leadership has been incredibly transformative to the company. Her leadership is remarkable,” says Adam Berrey.

“Rebecca has brought transparency, clarity, and structure to Product and it has made everyone’s jobs easier,” says Ashlyn Heller.

Why Our Team Values Matter

Having annual SPORTSDOG Awards and shoutouts every Thursday that highlight a team value allows us to hold ourselves accountable as members of the LeagueApps team and truly live our company values each and every day we go to work. Stay tuned for next month’s SPORTSDOG Award spotlight: the winner of Own Your Role.

Do you think you embody the value of Difference Maker as well as Rebecca does? Or maybe she’s just someone you really want to work with? (We wouldn’t blame you!) Be sure to take a look at our open positions to find your fit at LeagueApps.