Why We Love Topgolf (And You Should Too!)

By LeagueApps
October 6, 2017
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Topgolf is a global sports entertainment community where the competition of sport meets your favorite local hangout. It was founded in the United Kingdom in 2000 with the idea of combining microchip technology, a dartboard, and golf. The result is a fast-growing product that we at LeagueApps absolutely love.

How Topgolf Works

At first glance from the outside, the venues look like your standard neighborhood driving ranges. After entering, it becomes quite clear that this is not your father’s golf. Venues are equipped with pro shops, but also restaurants and fully stocked bars, lounge areas, and comfortable outdoor furniture, all while music plays in the background.

Using microchip technology, players tee off at targets on the driving range. Depending on where it lands, the player gets a certain amount of points. And it’s all presented through a beautiful interactive TV screen at each tee box. Players can choose from several different types of games, from one-on-one scramble to a darts themed game that demonstrates accuracy.

Why Topgolf Works

This driving range/bar/nightclub concept has been a hit pretty much everywhere it’s opened, and the company continues to open new facilities in exciting locations across the country. With 33 venues world wide, Topgolf will rake in between 13-15 millions guests this year. Despite the growing decline of golf participation, especially among millenials, over 55% of Topgolf’s audience is in the 18-34 year old range. So, what are they doing differently?

“It’s not just about golf. It’s about entertainment, gaming, technology, and the executive experience,” said Alex Goodman, Regional Director of Global Partnerships of Topgolf. “We want this to be entertaining for everyone. Topgolf is about being a sports entertainment property.”

Its growth is driven through technology. The venue experience, as explained above, is delivered through microchip and digital technology. But they’re growing through advanced media as well.

Just last year, they acquired WGT Golf, the world’s most popular digital golfing gaming community. Within a few short months, Topgolf integrated its social multi-player target-oriented game format to offer a realistic Topgolf experience for players online.

And earlier this year, LeagueApps became the sports management platform for all of Topgolf’s leagues. All registration, payment collection, email and text communication, and scheduling is hosted by LeagueApps.

“There are a lot of barriers for golf participants. For years the game has been too expensive or too hard. With LeagueApps, we’ve been able to reach and impact our communities so much easier. We want everyone to play and you’ve helped us reach that goal,” Alex said.

Why We Love It

We were able to experience first hand just how great of an experience Topgolf delivers on a recent company trip to their Edison, New Jersey venue. Now, we are a team of athletes and former athletes. Some intramural sports all-stars, others college varsity standouts, and a select few of us are former professionals or current professionals. But that doesn’t necessarily translate to make all of us amazing golfers. Despite that, Topgolf delivered on Alex’s promise. It truly is an amazing experience for everyone of all skill levels.

You can be a part of our team on our next Topgolf outing! We’re hiring for several positions- come be a part of the fastest growing company in the sports management industry! Apply to our open positions by clicking here.

Great place @topgolf thanks for having us.

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