What to Expect From a NextUp Leadership Roundtable Session

By LeagueApps
March 24, 2021
2 min

Free professional development. The opportunity to network with the country’s leading youth sports leaders. Tips for growing and scaling your club or league. 


These are just a few of the reasons that people attend our Leadership Roundtables, which we launched at the start of the pandemic to help organizations navigate the challenges of returning to play. What started as casual gatherings now have turned into a professional development program that’s free of charge to the members of our community. 


Each 75-minute session is led by a seasoned executive coach like Roberta Kraus, one of our inaugural moderators who has worked as a sports psychologist for decades. (She was also an undefeated collegiate tennis player and Women’s Olympic Basketball Team alternate.) Run like workshops, they’re an opportunity for organizers to learn how to be great leaders, motivate their teams, and achieve success. 


Here’s what some attendees have to say about their experience:


  • “I love making the connections. I was part of the Basketball Leadership Forum in summer 2020 and it aided me in launching my Skills Academy program.” – Hank DeSantis, MA Huskies


  • “I trust that LeagueApps is going to bring good people together. I’m always eager to be part of these.” – Nick Mulvaney, Chicago City Soccer Club


  • “I attend these to bring more innovation to my organization and learn from others. I like being around like-minded people who want to do things better. I used an activity from my session in a staff meeting.” – Steve Davis, Farmington Sports Academy Football Club


  • “Super valuable! Beneficial to hear from others. I’ve gained confidence in decisions based on peers.” – Greer Hanlon, Charleston Elite


  • “I have loved them and raved about them from the first one! These forums have helped us as a club know that we aren’t the only one. [Learning from] others from all over the country, getting ideas, what works, what doesn’t.” – Donna Beasley, Jacksonville Juniors Volleyball Association

    If you’d like to apply for a future Leadership Roundtable,  fill out this quick form. We’re always launching new groups!