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Using Program Summary Reporting to Grow Your Sports Organization

By LeagueApps
October 26, 2016
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When you’re running several programs through your organization at a time, it can get overwhelming to keep up sometimes. We’ve made it easier by implementing a program summary feature in our software that includes a Top 20 programs dashboard.

Now, it’s simple to keep up with registrations, invoicing, deadlines, payments, and more. It’s basically a snapshot of all your programs so you can see how they are all performing in one view.

This type of raw, up-to-minute data is important when it comes to running your sports program. Having this information at your fingertips leads to more informed, data-driven decisions for your organization.

Lee Miller, Director of Elite Hoops Basketball, calls the Top 20 and Program Summary among his favorite LeagueApps sports software features.

“We’ve got anywhere up to 40 programs going on at one time. I have my program summary just sitting on the flat screen on my wall at all times. For me, to just come in and refresh that maybe once or twice throughout the day, it’s really convenient and super nice. I think it’s really something that helps us separate from competitors.”

Watch the video below on a short tutorial on running a Program Summary report.

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