Your Sport Organization Should Be Ultimate…Frisbee

By LeagueApps
November 13, 2012
4 min

Casually tossing back and forth on a beach or in a park has traditionally been the extent of using a flying disc (Frisbee may sound more familiar). You might have a show-off friend who can toss it between their legs or behind their back with ease, but historically speaking Frisbee-ing has never been thought of as an organized team sport.

USA Ultimate


But actually Ultimate Frisbee, which due to trademark purposes is now referred to simply as Ultimate, is a very popular organized team sport. According to USA Ultimate, the official United States national governing body of Ultimate, the sport was developed in 1968 by a group of students at Columbia H.S. in Maplewood, NJ – but Ultimate has come a long way since then. The sport has grown from intramural pickup games on high school and college campuses to a world-wide flying disc outbreak.  In fact, there were 3.9 million people playing competitive Frisbee in 2006 – and that number grew to 4.9 million by the end of 2008 (source). As we’re wrapping up 2012 that number is likely nearing 10 million annual participants – and that’s just in the United States.

Over the past decade Ultimate has soared over its traditional label and is now played locally, nationally and internationally. If you run an adult sport league, a youth sport league, a recreational league or a sport and social club, than it’s time for you to pick up on the upward trend and go Ultimate.

Benefits of Ultimate Leagues

1. Just about anyone can play:

Let’s be very clear here – this is not meant to belittle the sport in any way. There are very high levels of competition in Ultimate populated by talented athletes. But having said that, ultimate is a sport that can be customized or tailored to be played by any age, gender or competition / experience level. It’s a very social sport and there’s no intentional contact involved.

2. Teams can have a lot of players:

This is another customizable factor of ultimate that makes it an appealing sport to offer. The official rules state that the game should be played with seven people per team, but given your available field space you can easily have 10 players per team on the field at once.

3. Many different field spaces can be used:

Ultimate can be played indoors or outdoors without the need for much equipment at all. The only essential piece of equipment that you need to play is a flying disc (Frisbee) – and besides that you just need to have out-of-bounds and end-zone markers. A grass field is the most ideal playing surface, but you can also play in a gym, on a beach or even in an empty parking lot. If you ensure that the rules and competition level coincide with the safety of the playing surface, your options are almost endless.

So now that you understand the appeal of starting an ultimate league, check out how some LeagueApps partners organize and execute their Ultimate leagues using our platform:




Greater Rochester Area Disc Association (GRADA) is a LeagueApps integrated solution partner in New York that’s an organization dedicated primarily to flying disc leagues and tournaments. They’re a banner example of how the LeagueApps platform can accommodate the registration, scheduling and standings needs of an ultimate league or tournament because ultimate is all they do!


Xoso Sport & Social League

California based Xoso Sport & Social League offers multiple sports including bowling, dodgeball, flag football, kickball, soccer, softball and volleyball. In May 2012 by popular demand Xoso began to offer Ultimate Frisbee as their newest sport and their members are extremely pleased with the decision! Xoso is an integrated LeagueApps partner and an excellent example of how the registration, scheduling and standing tools of our platform can be implemented into an existing site for an ultimate league.


Red Rocks Sports


Red Rocks Sports is a faith based organization that allows participants to stay active both physically & spiritually by offering the finest adult recreational sports leagues in Colorado. Ultimate Frisbee is one of 13 sports that Red Rocks offers and they use a draft-based league format for their ultimate leagues – very cool! Red Rocks is a full solution partner and their site is a slick and attractive example of how high-quality a LeagueApps site can look.

PlayMore Sport & Social Club , Jersey Club Sports , NLA Sports and Port Sports Social Club are a few other LeagueApps partners that utilize our platform to organize ultimate leagues.

The bottom line is that Ultimate isn’t going anywhere but gliding up – so if you’re interested in learning more about how to use the LeagueApps platform to develop Ultimate leagues get in touch with us now: