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Top 7 Reasons To Work At LeagueApps

By LeagueApps
April 27, 2017
4 min

LeagueApps Volunteers at Ballin for Charity

LeagueApps is looking to expand its roster with top notch talent like yourself. We’ve crushed our previous goals and have set even higher expectations, so we’re hiring multiple positions across several departments to fit the needs of our championship team.

As an employee at LeagueApps, you’re on a mission to make sports happen. We’re a team of tech-savvy professional athletes, college stars that got drafted to the start-up big leagues, and passionate SportsDogs that want to Play Forever.

Together, we’re transforming the future of sports to help thousands of organizations, programs, and companies grow. Including LeagueApps. If you’re results-driven and ridiculously passionate, this might be the team for you.

Here are 7 of the top reasons you should work at LeagueApps.

Click here if you already know you’re a fit to join our team and see what positions are available to you.

Work With Big-Name Athletes

Some of our biggest investors are also some of your favorite world athletes. Hall of Famer David Robinson drops by from time to time to chat about the Spurs and championship culture. Two-time World Champion Shane Battier routinely gives advice on what it means to display sportsmanship in the boardroom and on the court.

Lacrosse mega-star Paul Rabil plans charity galas and events with our staff to ensure that all kids have access to the sport he so loves. Football great Dhani Jones talks openly and freely about entrepreneurship, investment, innovation, and where to find the best lemonade at LAX. Those are just a few of the professional athletes you’ll be sharing a mission with when you work at LeagueApps.

Inspirational words from friend and investor Dhani Jones (@d0057) during our OTAs. What has your sports program done to dare to be impossible? #otala #sportstech #michiganwolverines

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Get Paid to Talk Sports All Day

We play sports. Our partners run sports. Our investors play sports professionally. We’re students of the game and we like to talk shop about the NBA Playoffs, Michigan vs. Ohio State, and top high school recruits getting letters of intent.

Just imagine how jealous your friends will be when you tell them what you did all day at your next happy hour. Speaking of happy hours…..

Location, Location, Location

You won’t have to travel too far after work to meet up. Our headquarters is located in Union Square, which is arguably the center of the universe. You’ll be surrounded by some of New York’s most innovative tech startups while weaving in between the vendors of one of the city’s best farmer’s markets.

Check out Union Square for yourself when you attend our recruiting combine on May 18th. Click here to sign up.

And for the tech gurus of DC joining the LeagueApps team, you’ll be conveniently located in the heart of Clarendon and right on the orange line. Get to downtown DC in as little as 10 minutes or stroll down Clarendon and Wilson Avenues to enjoy some of the quality nightlife Clarendon has to offer.

Plus, you’ll be working in the modern MakeOffices working space with several other startups and kegs on tap.

Gritty, Championship Sports Teams

We might be considered a tech startup, but we also consider ourselves athletes first and foremost. It’s the reason most of us play on company teams and leagues. As long as you’re willing to unleash your inner Shane Battier in the office, you can play on our gritty sports teams. Be sure to bring your A game when you try out.

We’re fresh off a softball championship.

Your 2016 Driggs League Champs @leagueapps !! Congrats guys! ⚾??

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Our basketball team is stacked.

Worm getting buckets for Team LeagueApps in the NYC Corporate League #playforever #basketballgame #hoops

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The DC team is currently closing in on bowling perfect games when they’re not drilling golf balls.

The D.C. @LeagueApps team celebrating a job well done at #TopGolf

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Join The Fastest Growing Tech Company in Youth Sports

The results speak for themselves. LeagueApps is playing an integral role in the future of youth sports. We work with thousands of the most forward thinking sports organizations in multiple countries.

In just less than a year our office has doubled in size. The executive staff supports careermobility, like a front office promoting a linebacker coach as the new defensive coordinator. This team is learning how to grow a successful company, from both internal leaders and leaders in professional sports.

Mascot Costume Auditions

If you’re passionate about sports, chances are you also love mascots. Lucky for you, we have one.

We recently unleashed our new mascot at our last charity event: Ballin’ for Charity, a 3-on-3 basketball tournament that featured several of prominent startups and companies.

One Shining Moment #ThisIsMarch #BallinForCharity #TeamMSBA

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The SportsDog represents the values we believe in strongly at LeagueApps. We align ourselves with sports organizations that share similar missions and values. To do that, we must bring on people that share these values. Then, you can share your passion from the comfort of the SportsDog mascot.

Be A Difference Maker In The World

Our mission is to make sports happen. We believe strongly in the powerful words that were once uttered by Nelson Mandela.

A motto we live by. Double click if you agree, comment with your sport! #playforever #sports #sportstech

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When you join the LeagueApps team, you have the power to change the world, to inspire, to unite people in a way that little else does. This is a bright young team that is dedicated to the mission and is continually learning how successful companies grow.

Help us shape the future in making sports happen and ensuring that others are able to share amazing sports experiences like you did growing up.

Click here to apply to LeagueApps and be a part of shaping the future of youth sports while learning how to scale and grow a successful company.