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The Top 5 Reasons You Need LeagueApps Gateway

By LeagueApps
January 8, 2018
3 min

LeagueApps Gateway makes it easier to collect and manage payments online.

LeagueApps Gateway is the most economical, efficient, and valuable payment solution for sports organizers. Securely process online payments from all major credit cards and get direct transfers to your bank account without using a third party payment gateway! Track and manage all your invoices and transactions directly in LeagueApps.

How LeagueApps Gateway Works

Collect payments, issue credits, refunds, price changes, and view accurate, up-to-the-minute account financials. It includes flexible pricing and payment rules for individuals and teams, early bird discounts, late fees and optional processing fees to help cover your costs. LeagueApps Gateway makes it possible to collect and manage payments online, so you never have to deal with checks or cash again and you get your money fast.


1) No Third Party Gateway

LeagueApps Gateway directly integrates with your LeagueApps Account. There is no third party account setup or fees to pay. All financial reporting is accessible within in LeagueApps, making your (or your accountant’s life) much easier.

2) No LeagueApps Bill

Never pay a LeagueApps bill again. When your customer pays, the LeagueApps transaction fee and credit card fee are automatically collected at the time of the transaction. You’ll have accurate net income reports and one less invoice to pay at the end of the month.

3) Optimized Reports

We’ve made accounting easy with the unique built-in gateway dashboard. Easily reconcile each bank deposit with Program and Member detail from LeagueApps. Get a quick glance at your financial metrics or in-depth reports on payments, refunds, bank transfers, and lifetime volume. 

4) Better Support

When you use LeagueApps Gateway, all of your payment processing questions are answered by our LeagueApps team. We will help troubleshoot any uncertainties you have about payment collection, invoice management, refunds, credits, and bank deposits.

5) Enhanced Security

LeagueApps Gateway is built using Stripe’s industry-leading payment processing software. It is PCI compliant, uses encryption, and forces HTTPS during the entire payment process.

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Two additional payment collection features that are new from 2017:

QuickCollect  – Generate invoices and collect payment for anything! Now travel fees, tournament fees, and so much more can be collected from a player without needing them to register for a program.

Require Payment of Unpaid Balances – Require a member to pay any unpaid invoices on their Member or Family account before allowing them to register for a new program.


LeagueApps Gateway was among our Top 7 Plays from 2017.

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