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Three Must-Have Technology Platforms For Your Youth Soccer Club

By LeagueApps
April 17, 2017
3 min
Credit: DV7 Academy

Credit: DV7 Academy

When most club directors think of sports technology, they are quick to think of wearables that boost performance or smart equipment that improves form and technique.

However, technology platforms are just as important for logistics and organization, especially for club directors. A platform is simply a group of technologies that are used as a base upon which other applications, processes, or tools are developed.

They might not be the most attractive technologies to talk about, but not having some type of platform in place for your soccer club can really put you in a disadvantage to your competitors.

Below are three must-have technology platform recommendations from the LeagueApps FC team.

Republic Wireless

A side-effect from playing on the pitch is the sometimes absence of reliable WiFi on the sideline of the pitch for your parents and coaches. That’s where Republic Wireless enters the scene.

WiFi is the fastest available network and can be accessed in places cell coverage can’t reach, such as an elevator or a basement. Republic Wireless unlocks the ability to use WiFi for calls and texts- as well as the internet- for users. They use a technique called Adaptive Coverage which senses the quality of your phone’s connectivity over WiFi. It then uses the available cellular data as a backup to fill in any gaps in your conversation.

In fact, two youth soccer programs located in Raleigh, North Carolina recently struck a deal with Republic Wireless to become their official wireless sponsor. Team members of those organizations will be live streaming and creating behind the scenes content with smartphones powered by Republic Wireless to highlight the special connections between teammates.  


Captain U

One of the biggest days of a youth athlete’s career is that day they get to sign a National Letter of Intent or letter of intent. All that hard work, dedication, and commitment finally pay off. There’s a similar feeling of joy for club directors as well. You spend all season creating reels, reaching out to contacts at universities, and analyzing tape of your athletes and now the fruits of your labor are paying off.

One platform that comes highly recommended is Captain U. Millions of athletes, colleges, clubs, and event directors are connected through Captain U, making it one of the most widely used recruiting platforms in the market. Track where your players stand with college coaches, give them advice through the dashboard, and help them build attractive profiles and realistic lists to optimize the recruiting process.

As a club director, you’ll have access to just about every step of the process for your players with Captain U.

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As important as all these technologies are to growing the game and your club, there’s still a need to improve the day-to-day organization and efficiencies of your club. With LeagueApps, you’ll get all your communication, registration, and scheduling needs in one easy-to-use platform that you control. There’s no need for third party applications or 10 different Excel spreadsheets and browser tabs open. Use LeagueApps as your one integrated platform instead of having to use 10 different tools.

Set up your club the way you want to operate. Optimize registration by setting up payment plans to collect all dues and fees regularly so you’ll never have to chase down a parent again. Instantly connect with just your coaches and parents or all of your participants via email or text. And join a network of over 10,000 sports and soccer organizers who we call partners, not customers.

See the power of technology for your club team. Sign up for a free demo with a soccer specialist today.