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This Week in Youth Sports: Unsportsmanlike Behavior is Taking Over

By Melissa Wickes
March 5, 2024
2 min

It’s National Sportsmanship Day, which truthfully couldn’t be coming at a better time. The lack of sportsmanship by parents at youth sports games is infiltrating onto the court — whether kids are learning this behavior at home…or parents are actually storming the courts.

Let’s get into some of the unsportsmanlike behavior in youth sports news right now.

This Week in Youth Sports News

1. [VIDEO] The youth sports league that recently came under fire for ‘banning a girls team from playing in the boys tournament,’ is accusing the team of deception.

2. Approximately 50,000 referees have been driven away from youth sports over the last three years as a result of verbal abuse, physical threats, and disdain. Read more about the sportsmanship crisis here.

3. Former NFL quarterback Cam Newton and some other youth coaches were removed from a youth football game after they got into a brawl.

4. This Fairfield Township mother, who was the treasurer of a youth basketball league, owned up to stealing thousands of dollars from the non-profit organization.

5. A former youth baseball league president was just sentenced to 20 years in prison for reported embezzlement from the team.

6. A new study suggests that increasing youth sports participation could save the U.S. $80 billion — as a result of the mental and physical health improvements.

7. A youth athletic organization has ignited concerns within the community for offering an AR 15 as one of its fundraiser prizes.

8. A 16-year-old Brooklyn resident launched a soccer clinic for migrant children with the help of Artists Athlete Activists. The goal is to give kids who have experienced trauma an opportunity to feel free and play like kids in a safe space.

9. On Friday, the Commission on the State of U.S. Olympics and Paralympics released a 277-page report that found several instances where the amateur sports system failed athletes, especially with respect to the culture that favors a pay-to-play sports model that is too expensive to many families.

This Weekend’s Wins

1. Congrats Northwest Magic Basketball 12U — 2024 Made Hoops Champions!

2. Texas Legacy Volleyball 18 Elite Double Qualified at the Boston Volleyball Festival!

3. Despite the crazy rain Saturday, it was a big weekend for Downtown United Soccer Club — congrats to all of the teams on their wins at the Spring Kickoff SUSA Tourney!

4. Congrats on all of the wins this weekend, 417 Juniors! Special shout out to 13 Regional Black, 14 Regional Black, 17 National Royal, 14 National White, 15 Regional Black, 14 National Black, and 13 Regional Royal — way to work!

5. Total Package Hockey 16U and 14U Nashville Jr. Predators took home the Southeastern District Champion titles this weekend — let’s goooooo!

6. Colorado Softball Academy 10U Black is the Bubble Series 3 Champion!

7. Baton Rouge Soccer had a big weekend — BRSC 08 B Red IFC Tournament Champions, BRSC 2010 Red B King’s Hammer Defenders Cup Champions, and BRSC 2013 B IFC Tournament Champions!


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