Making the Right Choice For Your Youth Volleyball Organization

By Melissa Wickes
June 29, 2023
3 min

If you’re a youth volleyball organizer, you’ve heard of both LeagueApps and SportsEngine. But how do you compare the two and decide which product is best for your youth volleyball organization?

Both companies serve the same market, but they have fundamental differences. 

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The Origins of LeagueApps

LeagueApps has provided innovative technological solutions to youth volleyball organizations for more than a decade. We believe that organizers are the most important element of the youth sports experience and our platform is designed with them in mind at every turn. We’re connected to youth sports from the grassroots all the way up to professional leagues such as the NBA.

Flexibility for Youth Volleyball Programs

Using LeagueApps, youth volleyball organizers can fully customize their registration experience. Flexible payment plans, in-depth reporting, and communication tools streamline the entire experience for the sports organizer. Our integrated platform seamlessly connects youth volleyball organizers with parents and players. Making alterations to any element of your business is just a keystroke away.

We’re a flexible and configurable platform. We strive to be the solution for all of your volleyball organization’s needs. We provide the platform and train you on how to get the most out of it. You’re in control of your programming in every way and can create and make any change on the fly, which comes in handy as your organization grows in size and complexity. You become the expert on how to use LeagueApps that is best suited to your organization.

Product Development

We’re constantly updating our product and rolling out new functionality to serve youth volleyball organizers. We often have multiple development releases each month and our features and functionality are constantly evolving. We’re striving for perfection and you can trace back all of our fine-tuning to our customers. Thanks to our sales reps, customer service professionals, and chat functionality, we’re able to listen to you and are always ready to improve based on your feedback.

An Established Identity

As former athletes ourselves, we have a true passion for the game and well-defined company values. We believe in the value of sportsmanship and recognize the power of working as a team. We can only succeed if you do, so we’re invested in providing you with the best technology and support in the industry. 

Data Privacy

At LeagueApps, we treat your data with the utmost sensitivity because we respect you, your organization, and players,parents, and coaches. Your data is protected and never aggregated and shared with third parties. 

Accessible Customer Service

We are obsessed with service and dedicated to learning the ins and outs of your unique organization. We live in the minutiae, cater to the forward-thinking organizer, and live and breathe the club and travel team lifestyle every day. We provide you with the tools and training to go from a sports organizer to a true sports entrepreneur.

As a youth volleyball organizer, providing an elite experience for your players, parents, and coaches goes well beyond rolling out the balls and placing a few cones. Behind every great team is a support system of coaches and parents. 

In the same way, LeagueApps is the team behind your growing organization. We meet organizers and coaches where they are, and many of us have been in the shoes of them at one point or another. 

To that end, the LeagueApps team is attending the USAV Junior National Championship in Chicago this weekend. If you plan to be there, meet us and Austin Junior Volleyball for a drink at the Tap on Thursday at 6pm! You can save your place in advance here.

For more information about how switching to LeagueApps can support your youth volleyball organization’s goals, give us a call!