The Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership Benefit Proves That Impossible Is Nothing

By LeagueApps
October 6, 2016
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When you think of Harlem, one of the last things you think about is probably lacrosse. Get ready for that to change.

The Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership program is literally doing the impossible. And the program is showing no signs of slowing down.

Harlem Lacrosse’s mission is to empower the children who are most at risk for academic decline and dropout to rise above their challenges and reach their full potential. Harlem Lacrosse inspires children to dream about tomorrow while working hard on the field and in the classroom today.

In just five years, the program has expanded from one team of 20 students into 11 programs stretching across three cities, from Harlem to Boston to Baltimore, and now includes over 550 boys and girls. HLL students have maintained a 100% on-time middle-school graduation rate, have passed their classes at a rate 20% higher than that of their peers at their schools, and have earned over $15 million scholarship offers to independent schools and colleges.

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Vice President of Sales Cameron Goldberg and Enterprise Sales Executive Roy Kohli were lucky enough to attend last week’s HLL annual benefit. Suddenly, that event’s ticket is harder to get than a Yankees box row seat.

The event attracted some top names in sport, including ESPN Anchor and Master of Ceremonies Lisa Kerney, Mike Jones, the Thompson Brothers, and several of the top lacrosse coaches on the East Coast.

“To see the things they’ve been able to accomplish, not just on the field but off as well, in such a short time is truly inspirational,” Cameron said.

On the field, the HLL program is attracting top Major League Lacrosse talent like Drew Snider. Off the field, the HLL students are some of the top students in their class. The below graphic shows that since 2013, HLL students are in the top of their class in the four core subjects.

Read the full impact report on the Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership program.

The LeagueApps team is excited to see just how far the Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership program can go in another five years.