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The Future Of Soccer In The Sunshine State

By LeagueApps
August 16, 2018
2 min

The 2018 Florida Youth Soccer Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place over the weekend in Orlando. The educational event united soccer organizers, coaches, administrator and thought leaders from around the state of Florida. The AGM provided attendees with the opportunity to learn from exciting workshops and speakers. LeagueApps was on the ground both as a sponsor and a presenter.

Adam Manning, LeagueApps Soccer Community Captain adds, “Throughout the weekend, I heard a common theme from leaders.  They want the youth members of their clubs to grow on and off the field.  As much as they want to win, they also want to ensure kids develop a love for their game.”

The Florida AGM offers a range of workshops to help soccer leaders improve their ability to run their organization and deliver great soccer experiences, as well as network with others who share their commitment to the game. The range of topics went from a popular training tactic called, “Play, Practice, Play” to programming tips for TOPSoccer and other state initiatives. 

One of the workshops was led by LeagueApps’ President Jeremy Goldberg on “Technology & the Future of Youth Soccer.”  Over 60+ people attended a presentation of broader technology trends that are impacting the youth sports industry, and then engaging in a discussion of how technology will impact the future of the sport, and the soccer organization, as well as practical tips for how to embrace technology today.

After the workshop, Jeremy observed, “It was remarkable to see the number of soccer organizations who understand the imperative for innovation.  The youth sports industry – and it has become an industry – is evolving with significant implications for how the soccer will be experienced, organizations will be run, and how kids have access to and benefit from the sport. 

“The soccer leaders at the AGM recognize that they need to start thinking about the future today…”
The soccer leaders at the AGM recognize that they need to start thinking about the future today, and it was a privilege to share ideas and insights.”

Look for us as we continue to travel the country to support soccer organizations throughout the fall and winter.  Let us know if there is an event we should attend!