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Choose the Best Setup for Your Youth Sports Website—Quickly and Easily

By Melissa Wickes
February 23, 2022
3 min

The truth is, LeagueApps’ technology and software is only as good as how well it serves our partners. You’re the Karl Malone to our John Stockton. LeagueApps is developed so our partners can get the most value and benefit from the platform and features based on their needs. If the current set-up of your website isn’t working for you, it might be time to make some changes (or even start from scratch!).

One item we often discuss with our partners who are looking to improve their youth sports websites is the decision to build a fully integrated custom website or integrate our features into their existing website. Because this is an important aspect of using LeagueApps, and a decision we often see our partners grapple with, we wanted to share the framework of how we like to think about it.

It’s important to first note: we’re impartial to either choice. Both solutions allow youth sports organizations to customize the look, feel, and design of their mobile-optimized website and allow your members to access their team information on our mobile apps. When members register for your programs through LeagueApps, they never see our branding. We translate your colors, logos, and other brand elements into a registration console that represents your organization and integrates seamlessly with your website design. So, our main goal is to help you understand all the aspects of both solutions and help you determine what works best for your organization. Because no two organizations are exactly the same. (But you already knew that). 

Fully Integrated Custom Youth Sports Website

Creating a fully integrated, custom website is an optimal option for partners looking to start from scratch by creating a brand new website. Partnering with LeagueApps Design Shop gives you the opportunity to utilize a collection of design resources (including professional designers) that will promote your signups and highlight your brand, while still being easy to maintain on the backend. 

You’ll begin with an introductory call where a LeagueApps Designer will plan, brainstorm, and wireframe your website with you. Next the development stage—aka SEO, content, and LeagueApps integrations—commences. Then, we’ll work with you to design your website in a way that showcases all that your organization is. Finally, you launch. This may all sound intimidating, but don’t worry. We’ll get you off the ground in no time so you can improve your customers digital experience right away, as well as start garnering new leads. 

An example of a leading youth sports organizer that built their website with the LeagueApps Design Shop:

youth sports website

Widgets for Your Existing Website

Already have a website? We offer an off-the-shelf Registration Listings widget that integrates seamlessly with your current site (no matter where it’s hosted)—so you can get all the benefits of our registration solution without having to redo your website. The Registration Listings widget is easy to tailor to match your current branding, themes, and programming needs.

If integrated properly, members will experience the same (or very similar) look and feel of your youth sports website, with all of the added functionality of LeagueApps registration baked in! 

This widget is also a good option for a partner on a tight launch deadline, in need of a quick solution. In the world of youth sports, we know that’s a very common occurrence. We helped Big D Sports in Dallas launch their integrated solution in less than 72 hours so they could open registration on time.

Building Your Youth Sports Website Together

While we can share examples and make recommendations, this is a decision that should ultimately be made by you. You can even start one way and change your mind at any time based on your needs or comfort level. Regardless of what solution you choose for your youth sports website, it’s our goal to provide the best platform and service possible to help you operate your organization and reach your revenue and registration goals. Shoot us a note so we can find the best way to work together.