Thanksgiving Weekend Update: Introducing Member Matching

By LeagueApps
November 25, 2011
2 min

Happy Turkey everyone! Here at LeagueApps, we are thankful to all the league organizers we work with and the great partnerships we have developed. This Thanksgiving we added a Member Matching feature that can help you fill up your rosters during Winter registration.

The Member Matching feature gives team captains the ability to find free agents and add them to their teams on their own. Specifically, captains can now browse the list of free agents in a particular program and invite any player to join their team. Team Captains can view the free agent pool by selecting ‘Players’ on the League Profile page, then sorting by Free Agent role.  Additionally, there is the option to sort by Gender, which can come handy if a team only needs male or female free agents. In addition to inviting free agents, captains can also send a customized message.

Member Matching can be effective in making your registration process faster and more efficient. Previously, some of our league organizers have been spending a lot of time manually adding free agents to teams, or compiling free agent lists for their captains and then coordinating with them on who to invite.  Instead, captains can now be responsible for recruiting players and completing their own rosters- with no help from the admins.  Ultimately, this takes the burden off the admins and frees them up to worry about other important tasks during registration.


We are always thinking about building social features that can further streamline the registration process. If you have any thoughts or feedback, we’d love to hear them.