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Keys to Successful Player Communication in 2018

By LeagueApps
January 15, 2018
4 min

We’ve all missed an email, overlooked a text message or simply forgot about a practice time. Team communication will always be a challenge, both on-the-field, and off-the-field. At LeagueApps we work hard to make Team Communication as bulletproof as possible with a robust suite of Communication Tools (we’ll leave the on-field team communication up to the coaches!)

3 Ways LeagueApps Communication Tools make your life easier

1.) Seamlessly Collect Contact Information

During team registration, you’re already collecting contact information. This is the perfect time to collect any level of information from your participants using customizable registration forms and player profiles. Ask for parent emails, emergency contacts, even a player’s Twitter handle.

2.) One Account for Everything

After a player has registered for your program, it’s a waste of everyone’s time to send additional instructions to set up a communication tool. For every additional account, you have a player create, you leave more room for error. Keep communication simple and centralized in LeagueApps- it will make your life easier and the players and parents will thank you.

3.) Deliver a Message from All Angles

What’s more impactful- a thorough email with every detail or a one sentence text message? It’s hard to say! That’s why it’s important to diversify your communication tactics with coaches, parents, and players. Make sure your message is received and your participants are informed; send emails from your phone, shoot out a text message and update your website, all from LeagueApps.

Suite of Communication Tools

Use a combination of our communication tools to keep your coaches, parents, and players up-to-date.


The LeagueApps email tool can be used for site-wide announcements to all of your players, program-specific emails or one-on-one threads.

Powerful filters make email list management easier than ever.

• Filter on: Program Name, Payment Status, Waiver Status, Team, Season, Location, Game Time or Type, Gender, Role (Player, Coach, Captain, Volunteer) and even Geographical State.

Emails are better received if they reflect your brand.

• Create custom email templates in LeagueApps or get fancy with HTML. Add a logo to your email header for brand recognition and social media links to the email footer to boost your following.

Reduce the number of emails you have to send.

• Automated emails require zero set up and handle repetitive communications like Welcome Messages, Payment Reminders, Game or Practice Reminders and a lot more.


Text Messages

It’s no secret that text message is the preferred communication method in 2018. It’s the best way to deliver time-sensitive information that must be read.

Send text messages directly to your players and coaches phones and use all of the powerful filtering options that are listed above to make sure you message the right people.


Phone Calls

Give your players a hotline, for those who prefer to call-in. LeagueApps Voice Line is a local phone number for your players to call and hear important announcements. A Voice Line is perfect for last-minute updates like cancellations or weather alerts.

It’s as easy as typing a message into LeagueApps. Then a text-to-voice technology records your announcement and will play it for anyone who calls in. This can help eliminate emails flooding your inbox when there is an impending snowstorm on everyone’s radar!


Social Media & Announcements

Easily embed social media accounts on your LeagueApps site. When you post an update on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, LeagueApps will display the post in real-time on your website. You never know where your players will look first, but if we had to guess…it’s probably social media.

LeagueApps Announcements can be general, or specific to a Program, Schedule or Game. Announcements are posted on your LeagueApps site and a free Facebook integration can automatically post announcements to your team’s Facebook page- which is one way to ensure people see your message.


Advanced Tools

If you have advanced email marketing needs and want to use a system like MailChimp or Constant Contact we have you covered!

The Email List Export tool makes filtering and exporting quick and simple. To take it a step further you can use LeagueApps Connect to automate the export/import process of email addresses to other tools. Check out the new LeagueApps Zap on Zapier– it will save you hours!


Communication is at the heart of sports. On-the-field and off-the-field it’s imperative that players, coaches, and parents can communicate with each other. In 2018, the LeagueApps suite of communication tools is going to get even better. Stay tuned for enhanced Email Tracking, coming out in January.