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State Soccer Mandates: Florida & Texas

By LeagueApps
April 18, 2019
2 min

The youth soccer industry has taken its marching orders from state associations, governing bodies and national organizations for decades. As a result, many youth soccer programs feel as though their technological options are limited.

Our Soccer Captain, Adam Manning, has heard the following on the road countless times.

“I really want to switch off of GotSoccer, but my state says I have to use them.”

Once again, a lack of clarity between state associations and their technology providers has created confusion for soccer organizations. Particularly in Florida & Texas, clubs are convinced that they must use GotSoccer for club registrations.  

Manning is here to set the record straight for organizers, once and for all. Here are some quick facts to help clear the air.

Common Misconceptions

“I do not want to pay for two systems!” As a club, if you are not using GotSoccer for collecting payments from your players, you are not paying for the GotSoccer Platform. The only time you will process a payment through GotSoccer is when you are making a payment to the state for your player fees.

Clubs are under the impression that getting their information into GotSoccer, for state carding purposes, is a difficult task. The fact is, that a system like LeagueApps makes this a painless process. The LeagueApps platform simplifies the process and allows you to download the information that you need to submit (We even help you do it!).  GotSoccer has a link that shows you directly how to do it. For the state of Florida, it is right here.

“Wait!  Don’t I have to use GotSoccer if I want my team to be ranked in our state or on a national level?”  Teams do not need to be paying for GotSoccer to be ranked. A free GotSoccer page is enough to be included in state and national rankings.  

GotSoccer’s registration system is separate for its payment system. It is often unclear to parents if they have paid or not. As a result, club administrators have difficulty reconciling funds for individual accountants and figuring out who owes the club money.

GotSoccer is one of the oldest soccer platforms. New updates have been few and far between, and connecting with customer support has been a journey that I can personally attest to. I reached out to determine when the next update would be available. I received zero emails returned and 15 unanswered and unreturned phone calls in a four-day period. A modern technology provider needs to interact with its customers.

The above claims are not speculation; they are examples of my personal interactions with GotSoccer. Utilizing a platform like LeagueApps to streamline payments and player data management is the right choice for soccer clubs in Florida and Texas who have been left wanting more from their GotSoccer partnership.