How This LeagueApps Team Member Centers Her Work Around Results

By Melissa Wickes
July 5, 2022
3 min

Without our value system, LeagueApps wouldn’t be the organization that it is. Each one of our values allows our team to make the best decisions possible for not only the success of LeagueApps, but their individual success as well.

Each week, LeagueApps team members have the opportunity to recognize peers who have demonstrated one or more of our values by shouting them out for that value during our All Hands meeting. This allows for the larger LeagueApps team to stay connected as we strive to achieve our company objectives, and to learn a little bit more about what makes each employee at LeagueApps great. This is especially important today, as we navigate our hybrid work environment with team members working virtually across multiple states. 

Employees who truly embody any of these values are named SPORTSDOG Award recipients during our annual ceremony, based on a company-wide vote.

This month’s value spotlight is extremely important because it allows LeagueApps to provide the exceptional service youth sports professionals need to run their organizations successfully—results. Athletes are results-driven. We keep score, and we strive to win. 

The 2021 SPORTSDOG winner for results was Melissa Macaluso. This award marks Melissa’s fourth SPORTSDOG award, which truly exemplifies the emphasis she places on our values each and every day at LeagueApps. 

Here’s a little bit about how Melissa strives for winning results at work everyday. 

Results SPORTSDOG Award Winner: Melissa Macaluso

Melissa is a senior customer success manager on the customer success team and her colleagues recognized her for Results during the 2021 SPORTSDOG Awards. Her focus on results has resulted in (pun intended) high customer satisfaction, low churn, and expansion within LeagueApps, according to her boss, Zach Boisi.

Melissa is so results-driven, in fact, that she has led the LeagueApps team to raise more than $150,000 for Cycle for Survival, a cause near and dear to her heart, during the five years she’s been at LeagueApps. Watch the video below for a look into what motivates Melissa outside of her work at LeagueApps.

Melissa considers results in everything she does—not just for the customer success team, but for herself, her team, our partners, and LeagueApps as a whole.  

Being results-driven is an important value for anyone’s success, but it’s particularly important in the youth sports industry. Everything Melissa does at LeagueApps is with the success and goals of our partners in mind—whether it’s visiting with them during our NextUp Play Forever tour to address their needs and bring them to our product team, attending multiple youth sports conventions a year, or conducting individual strategic reviews with partners such as Ripken Baseball. 

Here’s a little bit of what Melissa’s colleagues have to say about her:

“Melissa crushes everything that is put in front of her and has been a huge driving force for customer retention and growth across all her accounts,” says Paul Cusick.

“Whether she likes it or not, the LeagueApps brand is inextricably linked with Melissa Macaluso because of her commitment to our mission, adn the results speak for themselves,” says Taylor Collins.

“Her constant desire to improve no matter how well she has done is contagious,” says Bharat Chopra.

Why Our Team Values Matter

Having annual SPORTSDOG Awards—as well as weekly shoutouts that highlight a team value—allows us to hold ourselves accountable as members of the LeagueApps team and truly live our company values each and every day we go to work. Stay tuned for next month’s SPORTSDOG Award spotlight: the winner of Team.

Do you think you embody the value of Results as well as Melissa does? Be sure to take a look at our open positions to find your fit at LeagueApps.