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Elevate Your Soccer Club To The Next Level With Smart Equipment

By LeagueApps
April 14, 2017
3 min


There’s a ton of wearables and even smart clothing on the market that can measure your activity, but they fall short when it comes to providing specific training feedback for sports like soccer. Enter smart sporting equipment.

Smart sporting equipment is any gear that is equipped with smart technology that provides technical feedback. Instead of measuring health and fitness metrics to optimize training, smart equipment provides detailed insights based on form and performance.

The LeagueApps FC team recommends these three pieces of smart equipment to help elevate your soccer club to the next level.


Adidas miCoach Ball

The Adidas Smart Ball, or miCoach, is a normal soccer ball with one big exception. Inside is a sensor that records real-life data so your players can know everything about their kick. Everything they want to know about striking, controlling, or manipulating the ball is now put into clear practice.

The sensor connects directly to your Smartphone and gives instant data on spin, strike, trajectory, and power. The app also gives feedback and tips for best practices on the pitch and in-game situations. And the best part is the miCoach looks and feels like a real soccer ball.

Credit: Adidas

Credit: Adidas

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For the youngsters in your U6 through U12 teams, SockIt has developed a kicking instrument designed to help technique. The idea is to help a common problem in which young players kick the ball with their toes instead of the middle portion.

When the SockIt ball has been kicked properly with the foot, the ball lights up letting kids and coaches know immediately that the player is using proper technique. It’s strong enough to withstand a lot of extreme conditions and it safely fastens to a player’s cleat.

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Toca Training

Used by Major League Soccer clubs LA Galaxy and NYCFC, the Toca Training Curriculum uses various smart equipment pieces to empower all soccer players to make their game “better and faster.” To start, the Toca ball is approximately four centimeters small and six ounces lighter, so that players can accelerate learning and lower body impact.

Their most popular equipment is the Toca trainer which is essentially a machine that shoots out Toca balls. Balls are delivered to precise locations at specified speeds (up to 50 MPH) and trajectories. Anything from a player’s first touch to moving onto the ball in space can be challenged. The Toca Trainer is easily controlled through an app on your iOS, where your coaches can also easily track achievements and progress.


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