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Grow Your Soccer Club With This Single Digital Solution

By Melissa Wickes
January 19, 2022
3 min

Managing a club or travel soccer team is a ton of work for everyone involved—the director, the administrative staff (if you have them!), the coaches, the parents, and even the players.

We’ve talked to hundreds of soccer directors, coaches, and parents to learn about the most frustrating and time-consuming tasks they face when doing simple things, such as registrations or branding.

From streamlined tryouts and a comprehensive team registration process to mobile-optimized team management and personalized support, these solutions will hope your operations run smoothly.

Here are the five reasons LeagueApps is the number one digital solution for your soccer club.

How Soccer Clubs Use Flexible Payment Plans

Just like any other business, revenue is one of the main things to focus on so you can continue to serve kids, their families, and your community. Because of that, registration fees are the lifeblood of your soccer club, but if it’s challenging to collect payment—or you’re still doing it manually—you could be leaving money on the table.

We help you streamline collections while maximizing your opportunities to generate revenue.

Our flexible payment plans, credit card storage, offline payment tracking, credits, and automated invoice reminders save you time and get you better results.

But you don’t have to rely solely on registration fees to grow your soccer club. You can also sell gear or apparel with our integrated platform.

Registration on LeagueApps

Use Customized Reporting for Your Soccer Club

Collecting and organizing player and family data is vital for your soccer club, especially because of the requirements from state associations and leagues.

You need to keep track of information—including name, gender, addresses, date of birth, parental or guardian information, emergency contact information, medical forms, and insurance information—without the risk of unintentionally violating privacy.

The list can seemingly go on and on and can feel overwhelming.

No matter which state you’re in or which sport(s) you support, we can format the data properly to satisfy state or governing body requirements.

Yes, You Can Have a Free Mobile App

Your soccer club can stand out from the crowd with a free connected mobile app.

The app lives on coaches, players, and parents’ home screens, connecting them to every element of the soccer experience—from team schedules, directions to the field, games and practices info, and more.

It features chat-based messaging and push notifications to teams or individuals over the age of 18, so you can securely send real-time communications about schedule changes, roster updates, and more—in no time at all.

It is available for download in the App and Google Play Store. It’s totally ad-free—so your members are never spammed.

LeagueApps Play—Mobile App

Get Time Back With One Place for All Your Tech

Instead of balancing multiple software solutions for registration, communication, and payments, LeagueApps is an all-in-one solution.

We can shrink your tech stack overnight, which gives you a one-stop, one-data solution and can solve many of your headaches to help you sleep better at night.

Build Something that Works For You

There is no reason for you to use software that forces you to adapt when customizable technology is available.

If you dream it, you can build it. 

With a fluid platform at your fingertips, there is an opportunity to update your website, branded app, and/or features once every quarter.

And, if you need help dreaming it, Design Shop allows you to create a youth sports website specific to your needs. No other soccer club website in the world will look the same as yours.

Check out the recent work we did with Metropolitan Oval Academy

Met Oval Home Page

Network With Other Soccer Club Organizers

Want to network with other soccer club organizers and get tips from those in the trenches with you?

Join the NextUp Network on Slack. Its members are experienced and knowledgable youth sports organizers with tips on all kinds of important topics—including your tech stack and how to use software to your advantage.