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Sideline Data – Pitch Counts

By LeagueApps
September 19, 2018
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A simple Google search for “repetitive stress injuries in youth sports” reveals a mountain of scholarly articles and recently penned editorials. Statistically speaking, these kinds of injuries are on the rise, yet the exact cause and preventative measures proposed vary widely. Increased specialization, exhaustive club travel schedules and pressure to secure athletic scholarships have been listed as potential causes of this epidemic.

Understanding the root cause, while necessary, may not be enough to stem the tide. Ensuring fewer kids will be sidelined in the coming years will require a wide-reaching collaborative effort between players, coaches, organizers, trainers and medical professionals.

The idea of pitch counts as a preventative measure in youth sports, while well-intentioned, is dated. Joe Janosky, the Director of HSS Sports Safety, drops by the podcast to discuss what it takes to keep players healthy in the current competitive landscape of youth sports.